It is easy to breed bacteria without washing your hands after washing your hands

It is easy to breed bacteria without washing your hands after washing your hands

People often wash their hands to suppress the spread of bacteria, but many people often ignore the step of drying hands after washing, so the effect of hand washing is weakened.

A new British study shows that choosing the right way to dry your hands can help prevent the spread of germs left on your hands elsewhere.

  Researchers at institutions such as the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom report in a new issue of the Journal of Applied Microbiology that hand washing is an effective way to remove bacteria, but it can’t destroy all bacteria.Dry, residual bacteria can easily spread in a humid environment, so letting your hands dry is also an important step.

  Because the main purpose of maintaining hand hygiene is to prevent the spread of bacteria from the hands to items such as food they carry, researchers have designed experiments to evaluate the effects of various methods of drying hands on the spread of bacteria.

That is, first ask volunteers to touch the raw meat with bacteria, then wash your hands and take different methods to dry your hands. At each stage of the process, press your hand on the petri dish, and then check how much bacteria will be left.

  The results show that in the use of paper towels, various “dry phones” and other methods, the use of paper towels to wipe the hands is the most effective. After drying the hands in this way, the number of bacteria transmitted to the Petri dish is reduced by contact.

  The effect of the “dry cell phone” determines how to use it. Some “dry cell phones” use warm air to dry their hands and often require rubbing their hands to speed up the evaporation of water. Other machines use high-speed air to dry the water.

Researchers have found that, unlike rubbing hands during washing, it has a better sterilization effect. If you rub your hands during drying, it will become hidden in the skin to remove the bacteria that were washed away and brought to the surface of your hands.When such hands touch the culture dish after drying, more bacteria will be left behind.

  But if the hand is still in the “dryer”, the amount of bacteria left on the petri dish after the hand is dry is not much different from the use of paper towels.