Experts remind: parents are better than psychological adjustment of college entrance examination candidates

Experts remind: parents are better than psychological adjustment of college entrance examination candidates

The annual college entrance examination is over, and many candidates’ psychological pressure has not disappeared, but sudden psychological conflicts and physiological disorders have occurred to varying degrees.

Therefore, experts reminded the majority of parents-Xiao Zhang, a junior high school attached to the Normal University, felt unsatisfactory after the exam. After the mother knew it, although she did not say aloud, she sighed and frowned for a few days, which made her uncomfortable.Xiao Zhang’s mood fell to the bottom, and he felt sorry for his hard-working mother.

  On the contrary to Xiao Zhang, when the college entrance examination was over, Xiao Wang of Shijiazhuang No. 15 Middle School was suddenly very excited. He rented piles of video discs from outside and watched day and night. He was thirsty and drank a few mouthfuls of mineral water. Hungry.Two bites of bread.

The parents wanted to criticize two words, but before opening their mouths, Xiao Wang responded: “I have been studying hard for ten years, so you can’t let me be a little free and do something you like?

“His parents were speechless.

  Therefore, Professor Zhang Yanping, a psychologist at the Provincial Institute of Mental Health, analyzed that although Xiao Zhang and Xiao Wang behaved in opposite ways, their properties are the same, and they all belong to the concentrated release of psychological crisis after the test.

Therefore, he reminded the majority of candidates and parents that they must properly conduct psychological adjustment after the exam, eliminate the damage of negative emotions, and face the future life with a positive attitude.

  For children who do not pass the test, Professor Zhang Yanping suggested that parents should not just refuse to blame and complain. Instead, they should provide appropriate comfort and encouragement to their children to help them reduce stress and find suitable and reasonable ways to vent their children.

When your child’s mood is stable, talk about her previous plans and avoid being blunt.

  For candidates like Xiao Wang, Professor Zhang Yanping suggested that parents should communicate more with their children to see what they think, or give their children some suggestions, go outing with classmates, etc., and get in touch with nature, you canEnriching your life can greatly help regulate your mood.

You can also talk to the big brother and sister who have already gone to college. They will definitely offer some good suggestions as “come people” and start preparing for the upcoming college life from now on.

  Professor Zhang Yanping said that in fact, anyone who encounters a major turning point in life will encounter collision, stress and other mental torture.

Without active guidance, candidates will experience depression or even more serious psychological problems.

And such psychological problems are likely to lead to unforeseen things.

Therefore, as parents, they should sing the “protagonist” in “post-examination education”, communicate with their children in a timely manner, and help them to relieve their psychological stress and burden. They must pay attention to observe their children’s behaviors, understand their psychological changes, and makeProper boot.

In addition, the whole society must also create a healthy psychological environment for candidates, and let them bravely welcome a new life.