Skin care recipe: kelp raw mung bean porridge can remove acne

Skin care recipe: kelp raw mung bean porridge can remove acne

Introduction: The most important thing for acne is to maintain good eating habits. The old Chinese medicine regimen will introduce you to the diet recipe for acne.

Ingredients of Chinese wolfberry anti-inflammatory porridge: 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, white pigeon meat, 100 grams each of previous rice, fine salt, MSG, and sesame oil.

Steps: Wash the white pigeon meat and chop it into meat.

Wash the wolfberry fruit and the previous rice, add to the casserole, add the pigeon meat paste and the right amount of water, simmer the porridge, add the fine salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil when the porridge is ready, and mix well.

Consumption: 1 dose per day, divided into 2 servings, 5?
8 doses is a course of treatment.

Efficacy: It has the effect of detoxifying and detoxifying, nourishing yin and moisturizing, and reducing swelling and swelling.

Suitable for people with skin infections and acne on their face.

Raw ingredients for kelp raw ground mung bean lean porridge: Take 30 grams of kelp, 18 grams of raw ground, 100 grams of green beans, 3 grams of peel, and 100 grams of lean pork.

Method: Wash the shredded kelp, shred the pork, and peel the shreds. Place them in the casserole with the raw ground and mung beans. Add a small amount of water to a low-heat pot for 2 hours. Add salt and eat immediately.

Efficacy: This medicated diet has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, cooling blood and nourishing yin.