“it is good!I believe in your Xia Jian,My daughter is spoiled。She doesn’t have me as a mother in her eyes,it is good!You can not listen to me,You can ignore your mother-in-law,But you must listen to Xia Jian。Otherwise I won’t have your daughter”

The mother-in-law yelled,Pulled Sun Yuejuan up and left。Hey!The two parents are really close together。
First2600chapter The incident finally subsided
Two old people walking,Ma Yan screamed and stood up from the bed,She stared and shouted:“Xia Jian!That’s how you treated me?You stay away from home every day,I gave you three children,Don’t say anything about your hard work,But you have to understand my mood,I can’t just let it go!”
“Quietly,I don’t understand you, who else can understand you?I support your job”
“what?You two-faced,Just now you sang with your mother and your mother-in-law to exclude me,I’ll change my mouth now”
Ma Yan was puzzled,She jumped off the bed,Grabbed Xia Jian’s collar,Pull onto the bed,Xia Jian fell on the bed。Drove for a few hours,I didn’t expect to face this kind of thing when I came back,He’s really tired。
Seeing Xia Jian looking a little tired,Ma Yan has a pain。She lowered her voice,Accompany carefully:“Am I too naive?You drove over from so far away,Didn’t ask if you have eaten,Just quarrel with you,That’s really too much”
“Hey!You can think like this。You go make me some noodles,I lie down and rest for a while,Really tired。Let me rest for at least an hour before calling me up for dinner”
Xia Jian said,He closed his eyes。
Ma Yan responded,A little guilty took off Xia Jian’s shoes,Raised his leg on the bed,Then he pulled the quilt over Xia Jian’s body。
Some conflicts in the family are actually mutual understanding,After that, nothing will happen。When Ma Yan came to the kitchen,Sun Yuejuan and her mother have made noodles for Xia Jian。
Ma Yan said embarrassedly:“Xia Jian was tired from driving,He said he wanted to sleep well,Ask him to get up for dinner in an hour”
“It’s because you kid is ignorant,Look at Xia Jian,I like to listen to what is said”
Ma Yan’s mother said,Reached out and pointed at Ma Yan’s head。For Ma Yan’s work,The mother and son have been making trouble recently,This Xia Jianyi is back,The mother-child relationship has also eased a lot。
One hour later,Ma Yan called Xia Jian up and ate a bowl of noodles,He went to the house to see the three children。This kid grows fast enough,Not seen for more than ten days,This child has changed。
Xia Jian loved it for a while,I hold this and which one,I’m busy all the time。Dad Xia Zecheng asked Xia Jian about the cows。