“A good boy,I just say that you will help me have no request.,It turned out to be a little fox.,I can tell you.,That is, many men have a memorable existence.,If it is not too evil, it is too evil.,I want to do things with that Xu Tianci.。”

For Liu Dafu,Li Hui also did not explain。
“Liu Shu, you said that this is helpless.。”
“help,Affirmative,But I can understand,If I helped you,At that time, Xu Tianci came to you.,I can no matter what my matter.,After all, Xu Tianci has adopted such a plan to get the fox.,Now I will help you will find trouble by the kid.,I can only push you out of you.,Otherwise, I don’t dare to help this matter.。”
Liu Dafu can say that Xu Tianci can be said to be afraid.。
Don’t say Xu Tianci’s old man is the village head,It is the other party to brought a group of younger brother at the entrance to him.,Don’t say that Xu Tianci also often do things that are harmful to people in the back.。
Previously, the old horse in the village did not give Xu Tian to the so-called protection fee because of the sale of watermelon.,As a result, the watermelon in the ground was knocked.,And this person is not someone is Xu Tianci,But suffering from no evidence,The old horse cried for a few days, slowly slow。
Things like this are more than once。
“Row,You pushed me out,As long as you dare to do it.。”
Previously for Qin Su Ya,Li Hui is also suspected,But he has never understood,But after experiencing the girlfriend to pit,Li speaks from the wind to see anything else to consider things like it.。
“breeze,Uncle, reminds you,Xu Tianci’s kid is really hard to deal with,You want to want it.。”
“Um,Think,Liu Shu, you don’t do it.,I am going out.。”
Have Li Hui, this way,Liu Dafu is no longer more,When I got it, I went back to do something.。
How many land is there in the village?,Which piece is idle, no one,He is clear than anyone。
It is more than two acres of fields to Qin Su.,This matter can be a master。
Thinking of Yesterday Qin Su Yaya is beautiful,His illness is another idea。
Qin Su Ja was in the house and wrapped in dumplings.,Then get ready to send Li with the wind.。
Just open the door,I saw that Liu Dafu came over.。
Her heart is not worth a glimpse,The first time I thought that the scene I saw yesterday.。
Liu Dafu also saw Qin Su Ya’s appearance.,Today, Qin Su Ya is better than yesterday.。
A snow white small shirt,The threshold is just right,White neck is also exposed,The fantastic figure is more like Qin Su Ya Mei three points.。
A short jeans,Just presented the two slender snowy jade legs。
The feet are wearing a pair of red sneakers,The exposed crystal, the ankle is also the heartbeat that Liu Dafu’s heartbeat is constantly accelerating.。
He even feels that it is worthy of death with each other.。
“Hey-hey,Xiao Qin,You have been two years in Lianhua Village.?”
Looking at Liu Dafu’s eyes flashed in the light,Qin Suiya slightly retired a few steps later。
“Um,Has been more than two years。”
The gentle voice of Qin Sui Anna made Liu Dafu’s heart as if it was scratched.,He has even already supplemented to Qin Su Ya, if he can make it in the waterfall.,This gentle sound must be scaled, will definitely can’t hold it.。
“Oh,That is enough for a loss.,The village just received a notice,As long as you stay in the village for two years of villagers or married people can be separated from rations,I will take you to see the mouth of the mouth to give you.。”
Say this,Liu Dafu has already brought to what Qin Ya is brought.。
After all, Qin Su is in the village.,It is what he doesn’t have a non-division.,I don’t have any big problems.,And women,Subject to the scare, basically。
Chapter 13
Qin Su Ya did not expect her to be able to share the land in the village.,I am also happy in my heart.,I died my husband because I just got married.,And Liu Jia also doesn’t recognize her daughter-in-law.,In addition, the parents of their homes are also do not recognize themselves.,So she only died in the lotus village。
Can so even,Others should also be returned to her life.,In these two years, she has done a hand-to-hand life.。
If she has two acres,If you at least eat, drink, you don’t have it.,Do some hand,She feels that the days should be very comfortable.。
But I looked at the dumplings that I just came out.,Qin Su Ya couldn’t help but think of Li Hui Feng,I thought that the other party saved two consecutive times.,Especially yesterday, Li Hui’s appearance in the ground, the shirt of the bordering。