How much do you know about aerobic exercise?

How much do you know about aerobic exercise?

The energy of the pre-existing thermal energy substance ATP (adenosine triphosphate, also known as “qi”) in the human body can only last for 15 seconds. After we have finished running 100 meters, we will run out of it. If we continue to run 200 meters,Then, after 100 meters, it is necessary to rapidly synthesize a new thermal energy substance ATP from blood sugar in an anaerobic state to provide energy, and its by-product is lactic acid.


hzh {display: none; }  如果再继续400米或游泳100米,则完全利用血糖无氧分解所提供的能量,故运动後肌肉里累积大量乳酸,而乳酸是运动後引起肌肉疼痛的物质。The blood sugar required for this kind of exercise is provided by starch, so it can not be burned in a small amount, which is not good for weight loss.

  If we increase the amount of exercise in these 15 seconds, or make an instantaneous explosive movement, damage the body.

The energy provided by the anaerobic decomposition of blood sugar (starch) usually lasts forty seconds and runs out after 400 meters.

  At this time, if you stop, you can give up. If you insist on running 800 meters, the next 400 meters, you will enter aerobic exercise. Your body must be in aerobic state by blood sugar, blood lipids and blood amino acids.A new thermal energy substance, ATP, is synthesized to provide energy.

  Blood sugar is supplied by decomposition of starch. Blood fatty acids are supplied by micro-decomposition. Blood amino acids are supplied by protein decomposition. This process requires oxygen, which is to burn starch, traces and proteins to produce thermal energy substance ATP.The required amount, the movement in the latter stage is “aerobic exercise”.

  Therefore, if we run 800-1500 meters and swim 200-400 meters, we need to start using oxygen to burn starch, traces and protein, so the latter part of this movement is aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise is a constant exercise, and it is exercise that lasts for more than 5 minutes.

For example, walking (walking, brisk walking), jogging, playing, swimming, climbing, cycling, aerobics, Tai Chi, etc.

  The first part of the exercise consumes sugar in about five minutes. The longer the exercise lasts, the more aunts will burn. As long as it lasts for half an hour to an hour, the 50% consumed is supplied by burning cockroaches.

  But this doesn’t mean you can’t diet, unless you have a few hours of aerobic exercise, you can only burn the starch and aunt in the food, but you can’t burn the aunt who was originally stored in your body. It is still not good for weight loss; only one hour after dieting.The aerobic exercise has the opportunity to burn the body fat.

  Only long-lasting low-intensity aerobic exercise can consume excess surplus. This is because muscles mainly use oxidative loss to gain energy during small-intensity exercise, while high-intensity exercise consumes more energy from the body’s sugar.

  As the intensity of exercise increases, the proportion of adult consumption will be less and less, and the movement close to the limit will consume almost no adult.

So, easy and slow, long-lasting low-intensity exercise or heart rate is maintained at 100?
Continuous exercise of 126 times / minute is most beneficial for weight loss.

  In addition, do not extend the exercise time for the obvious effect, because such a large amount of metabolic waste, the body can not be cleaned up and caused accumulation, but will affect the health of the body, leading to weight loss failure.

  Although 30 minutes of jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, but weight loss is not very obvious!

Practice has shown that only exercise lasts longer than 40 minutes.

  The assistant in the human body can be mobilized to supply energy together with sugar. By extending the exercise time, the proportion of assistant energy supply can reach 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that every 40 minutes of exercise, regardless of the intensity, the slight consumption is not obvious.

  Various sports energy consumption swimming 175 card per minute / 30 minutes coordination body movement track and field 450 calories error / 30 minutes exercise body full body basketball 250 card per minute / 30 minutes to enhance the body and heart and lung function volleyball 175 card up / down / 30 minutes enhancedFlexibility, bounce and physical strength walk 75 calories per second / 30 minutes to enhance cardio-respiratory function, active joint skipping 400 card per second / 30 minutes to improve body posture, suitable for under 35 years old jogging 300 cards every 30 minutes beneficial for cardio and blood circulation bicycles330 calories per minute / 30 minutes is very beneficial to the heart, lungs, and legs of the exercise table tennis 180 card transfer / 30 minutes exercise center of gravity movement and coordination.

  Remarks: For every kilogram of cockroaches lost, the body needs to consume 7200-7700 card scale.

  And we often hear people say “Where to go where to lose weight,” in fact, this is a wrong idea.

Local motion does not reduce fat locally.

Local exercise consumes less total energy, is prone to fatigue, and can not last, and people are an organic whole, not a robot, which is assembled by various parts, and no one can repair it.

  Amateur energy supply is also the same, it is controlled by the nervous and endocrine system, this regulation is systemic, through the blood circulation of the whole body to achieve the distribution of aunt’s consumption.

  The amount of exercise consumed is greater than the transient of absorption, which will lead to a reduction in the body of the adult, not only one part, but the other parts.

  In short, do aerobic exercise after diet, diet after aerobic exercise, weight loss can be effective.