Along with the different screams,Everyone started again。

pity,If it is not because there is a ulceryNPCIf you chase them。
This scenario,Still quite a day of youth。
A room,With the last time,This time, everyone is very cautious.。
Almost shoulder,Everyone is entering the room,Begin the head and explore the situation in the room。
This room,And the lattice of the previous。
But everyone is not slightly fell.,Still cautiously open the wardrobe first。
then……Just justUziRefamed place。
The aisle between the walls and beds。
Everyone is looking at each other,Silently give yourself and the other party drums。
finally,They start slowly stepping forward。
Silent room,There are only four footsteps left.,Some people are empty。
Step by step,Everyone has finally seen the aisle of the wall and bed.。
Everyone is torching,UziIt seems to break your own heart,Another ass to sit on the bed。
Other four people relaxing down,Also after this,Sitting on the bed one by one。
no way,It’s really tired to run.。
Then,It has already determined the safety of the room,There is no need to suspect a suspicion.。
Think,Everyone is ready to talk about things about the playoffs.。
Not because I am afraid, I don’t dare to go out.,It’s entirely because I’m always in the game.。
but……Everyone who talked about the sky was not noticed.。
This bed,Is the separator on both sides。
“Hey,You said,Which team in the second group can go to the end,andFPXWin the finals?”
karsaAsked,Four people present,twoIGof,twoRNGof。 The two teams are also in the first group.,So at this time,Still talking on the second group of topics。
“Second group?,I am estimatedWEBar,They are very fierce in the spring。”
Emotional calm,A few people talking, therefore become calm。
“Probably,But I feelJDGGood condition,They andSDGthe match of,Who is a deer?。”
Palace clear text,JusttheshyIs hesitant to say something?。
A sudden scene,Directly stopped he is about to get out。
Also let others,I have no idle work for continuing to communicate.。
Room,Only the screams left at a time。
Above,A white skirt,But at the same time, the figure is distributed。