The financial crisis makes it difficult to make money.

The financial crisis makes it difficult to make money.

The impact of the financial crisis and excessive pressure on life, the man surnamed Huang became depressed and slammed himself five times late at night. Fortunately, he was sent to the hospital to save his life.

  According to Huang’s wife, the couple opened a small communication shop in Changsha. The communication shop is in a good location and is next to the university. It is the first dock outside the school gate.The impact of the crisis, student spending has been restrained, coupled with the difficulty of finding a job for college students, students are tightening their trouser belts compared to the past, and the business of communication shops is becoming increasingly bleak.It’s really stressful.

  The space of the small communication shop is small. People feel very depressed in the area of two or three square meters. Coupled with the bad business, the mother’s uncle, Huang has the idea of going out to work outside, and his wife’s brother opened a factory in Guangzhou.In early March of this year, he rushed from Wuhan to Guangzhou to join his brother.

  I didn’t get approval to suspect others “I didn’t expect that this happened just a few days after I arrived in Guangzhou and had not yet started formal work.

“Huang’s wife said helplessly,” I began to discover that he behaved abnormally at the end of 2008. He often said that some people’s words were directed at him. He always gestured with his fingers.Friends with depression are similar, but have never been to the hospital for confirmation.

Huang’s wife recalled that Huang had an elder sister and a younger sister, but her mother-in-law loved her sister from an early age, but was more indifferent to Huang’s son.

Mother-in-law is a very strong person. She never treats her mouth, never treats her son with a smile. Although her son has already started a family, she decides everything in the family. Huang’s idea has never been recognized.After working hard all day to go home, she will be stunned by her mother-in-law: “If you don’t make money, you’ll come home so early.

Just after the surgery, the singing happened at more than 1 am on the 10th. The sleeping wife suddenly heard a big mouth gasping and got up to take a look. She found that her husband was holding the chest and crawling from the bathroom to the bed. The floor was full.It was blood, and a 20-cm-long fruit knife was lying on the ground with blood on it.

  According to Dr. Long Weiguang from the Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province, Huang stabbed his chest with five knives, two on the side and three on the right, two of which pierced the chest, only 1 cm from the heart. Fortunately, he was not injured.And the heart, bilateral chest drainage was performed immediately after debridement, and debridement occurred. After more than an hour of surgery, Huang recovered well. At present, blood transfusion and anti-inflammatory treatment are mainly used, and antidepressant medications are taken at the same time.You will be discharged from the hospital in a few days.

  Huang’s wife said that not long after the operation, her husband began to sing. He was not like a patient who had just stepped out of the operating table. He also said that when he stabbed himself with a knife, he felt no pain at the beginning of the knife.

Although there are antidepressant medications, which are much better than some previous husbands’ behaviors, they often use their fingers to figure out something, and once mentioned a “peace powder” that they do not know.

After leaving the hospital, I plan to find a special psychological hospital to treat my husband’s depression.