What about premature ejaculation?

Acellular biological patch technology

What about premature ejaculation?
Acellular biological patch technology

What is an acellular biological patch?

Can you treat premature ejaculation?

Premature ejaculation is a more serious sexual dysfunction disease in men. So far, the number of diseases has been increasing year by year.

For male friends, premature ejaculation is not only a simple disease but also the most self-esteem test.

Male premature ejaculation will seriously affect the normal life and work of patients’ friends, and it will seriously hurt the self-esteem of male friends, which requires us to be highly aware.

So, what are the dangers of premature ejaculation in men?

  1. Losing self-confidence and aggravating the condition: Premature ejaculation makes men feel “unable”, which results in psychological barriers, decreases self-confidence, and worsens the condition, forming a vicious circle.

There are also some premature ejaculation patients who are unable to treat in a timely manner, or because of one or two premature ejaculations, which cause psychological fear, worry, and even think that sexual failure occurs, which will further aggravate the condition, resulting in impotence and low libido, etc.Sexual dysfunction.

  2. Insomnia, which affects work: symptoms of premature ejaculation are dry mouth and throat, yellow urine, itching, red tongue, yellow fur, yellow pulse strings, and long-term accompanied by mental weakness, fatigue, and night dysphoria, Thin and cold, restless heart, etc., seriously affect work and life.

  3. Affecting the relationship between husband and wife, leading to family rupture: For a long time, the husband and wife can’t reach sexual gratification, that is, the sperm leaks and weakens, which directly affects the life harmony of the husband and wife, while the robe affects the husband’s feelings and family harmony.

In the life of husband and wife, the wife often does not feel sexual pleasure and cannot obtain sexual satisfaction for a long time, and will lose interest in the life of husband and wife, which will lead to indifference to the life of husband and wife in the long run, which will inevitably lead to the breakdown of the family.

  How is premature ejaculation treated?

Acellular biological patch technique The surgical intervention method used in this study is similar to circumcision in different positions and separation levels, except that the acellular dermal scaffold is implanted to form a built-in biological tissue sleeve.

Foreskin circumcision has been proven to improve premature ejaculation as well as a significant impact.

The implantation of an acellular allogeneic dermal stent will partially insert the feeling of the penis skin and reduce the overall excitability of the penis during sex to some extent, which may be the factor that ultimately leads to the improvement of the condition of patients with premature ejaculation.

  After the acellular allogeneic dermis is implanted into the body, the autologous blood vessels can gradually grow into it, and the dermal matrix is integrated with the human tissue. The stability and safety are better in the long term, which is also an incomparable advantage of artificial materials.

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