“But you should study the secret more,These mental weapons are quite rigid,For example, the increase in your mind power has reached60Times,But the increase in the second form of Dun Tissot is the most42Times,That means you have at most42Times the power of mind can be used。At this moment,You are going to study the secret method,In the mystery of our Master of Meteor Star,There is a secret method that can make the mind full。Like you60Multiplier,can‘Scattered’to make1320Share,again‘Congeal’to make42Share”,Each increase in mind power is greater than the power of controlling a single weapon before.!”

“but,There is a difference when you reach the realm,The arc cutter is a powerful weapon with strong applicability,You can use it after you step into the origin of any law,And Dun Tissot is only suitable for the law of origin of gold。I have probed your genetic force,Is of wood,The future field is more likely to be biased towards wood properties。You are more suitable to use the arc cutter。”
“Worthy of being the secret method of Meteorite’s line,Really amazing!”Li Ming convincingly admired,Anyway, praise and don’t want money,Then the conversation changed。“Babata,You said before,You can bring some geniuses into our line of Meteorite。Do you think Hong and Thor are qualified?!”
“correct,You should know Hong and Thor,Didn’t you say that the earth is completely monitored by you??”
“I know these two boys。Want to bring them into the line of Meteorite,Ok。”Babata voice comes into my mind。
“Hong Na boy is also on planet four,Have now understood the field,The realm is much higher than you,You have to hurry up。As for Thor,Bihong is worse than you,But it barely meets the standards of our Meteorite。”
“That’s good!”Li Ming is very happy,Hong and Lei Shen can join the line of Meteorite,The help to the earth is very great,After all, the rise of a single individual cannot take care of many things.。
“Babata,You help me send a message to Hong and Thor。Just say I have a big gain,Invite them to。。。Let’s go to Jiangnan Base City。”Jiangnan Base City,It’s the province of Sioux before Nirvana,But there are so many monsters in southern China,Leading to include Li Ming’s hometownJJSurviving residents of the province,Many have moved to Jiangnan Base City。
“Ok。。。”Babata directly drafted a message and sent it to Hong and Raytheon。“You didn’t cultivate very well before,I should make myself a practice place now,After all, you cannot enter the human virtual universe temporarily。”
“Are you building a martial arts gym??I’ll design for you back to the martial arts headquarters,Before that, you spend more energy on practicing the secret method。”
A few minutes later,Hong and Raytheon sent a message。
Thor:“Eating at home now,Hurry over,I hope you won’t let me down。。”
flood:“Roger that,Leave now!”