This world,Going out without money is absolutely impossible,Even if he Xia Jian sorry to his parents again,Not ashamed of being soft in front of your mother,Thought of this,Xia Jian took the money from his mother,Kneel down with a thump,And then knocked three times,Turn around,Disappeared into the night。

Xia Zecheng’s coughing came from the hall,He may also know,Son is gone。
Bucheon,Jurisdiction over eight counties and three districts,It’s the main traffic road in the northwest,Densely populated here,And the economic development is more active,Especially Zhejiang merchants,Many hypermarkets in this city,Real estate development,All by Zhejiang merchants。
Xia Jian stood under the Zheshang Building,Licking chapped lips with tongue,A hundred unwilling in my heart,Why are the same cities,How can people in Bucheon be like this?,People from Zhejiang came to build a building,And Pingdu where I went to school,Isn’t it a city that governs both counties and districtsBut compared with other people’s Bucheon City,It’s really not a level。
Don’t talk about this tall building,Just say the people on the road,One by one,Xia Jian has seen enough。Especially which beauties,Which figure,Where to walk;The clothes are all decent,Enchanting,Non-exposed and non-exposed end outfits;Ugh!What is meeting the world,What is a mountain higher than a mountain。
Xia Jian suddenly felt that he was just a frog at the bottom of the well。
Goo!I screamed in despair,Pulling Xia Jian back from the floating thoughts。What kind of bird use,Solving the belly problem is the big problem,Xia Jian scolded himself secretly。
From the inner pocket of clothes,Xia Jian took a lot of effort,Just took out the small cloth bag his mother gave him,Open layer by layer gently,Xia Jian knew this was his parents’ hard-earned money,So he kept it very carefully,Every time you run out,He will wrap it up。
“One yuan、Two yuan……what!”Xia Jian couldn’t help but exclaimed,Didn’t his mother give him five hundred yuan in change??How come it’s only 20 yuan after counting down?Isn’t it stolen?!impossible,The wallet is always on me,Never left even to sleep。Xia Jian sat a little discouraged on the steps in front of the Zheshang Building,Quickly calculating in his head how he uses money these days。
From Pingyang Town to Pingdu City,Then take a train from Pingdu to Bucheon,Then a small hotel fee of 30 yuan per night,Then there is the money for two bowls of beef noodles a day,one day,Two days……”Ugh!“Xia Jian hit his head with a punch like he was waking up from a dream,He used to be in Bucheon for almost a week,No wonder the money is running out。
“Ugh!You run here every day to see free beauties,Watched so many days,It should be hidden enough!”Xia Jianyi looked up,Meet a male security guard in his thirties,Baton in hand,Standing in front of him shouting。
Bullshit,A little security guard,I have to worry about where I look,Xia Jian, who was originally upset,Listen to this security guard talking to him like this,I couldn’t help but get angry,But he did not have an episode,Deliberately turned his face to the other side,There is no such person in your eyes。This is Bucheon,Bubi Xiping Village,Xia Jian knows this no matter what。
Seeing Xia Jian, the security guard ignored him,He was also angry,Obviously looks like a hillbilly who can’t hang on,Even went to Laozi’s site to run wild,Did he find the wrong place?。
“Good dog is not in the way,You fucking sit in the wrong place,Hurry up!”The security guard shouted,The baton in his hand waved over。
Xia Jian originally wanted to bear it,I didn’t expect this little security guard to bully people too,Not only scolded badly,Still beating,Is Xia Jian really cheap enough to be bullied??Thought of this,Xia Jian can’t bear it anymore,Smoothly,Grabbed the other end of the baton,And take advantage of the trend。
The little security guard never expected Xia Jianhui who is not amazing to come to this hand,He staggers,Almost crawled on the ground。But he responded quickly,Squat down,The other hand was quickly held on the baton,And my mouth is not idle“Come on!This guy assaulted the police”This sound,Can alarm many people。