To know,Determine in seven gods,Morax has not produced still,Not a bustling business center,At this time, all countries have no communication.。

The devil of the rock is no way to fill the belly of people.,After all, there are not many places where Tianheng Mountain can cultivate.。
It turns out that it is a good place to be nice to the original and green guanhua.。But unfortunately,Now Morax’s“God”already dead,Her wisdom can basically compare with grass gods。
The demon residue left also makes the grass are not born。Can only work from lightup,Not enough for hundreds of thousands of people。
but,After the Devil War is over,It became a perfect business.。
And the original Mond will also be a country that can be comparable to,After all, sit in the fruit wine,Qingquan Town,Three major families work together,The whole Twovite wine and meat will be controlled by Mond。But unfortunately,Lawrence family interests,Alternatively replaced the powerful noble knight。
how to say?Capitalist old haniness。
Francis does not intend to tear,After all, he just wants salted fish.,Nothing to make Monda’s ambition。
Sixteen-year-old practice will increase his swords to unrelated and high。
PlayMax,singingMax,PoemMax,ChessLv10,fencingLv12,ComposerMax,Fill the wordMax,ActMax,CookingMax。
thing:Poetry(sword),Zhong Bo(harp),Rude(flute),Library。
“Host,Are you not nonsense?!Human can live for more than seven years?Such a long time,A pig。”
“……”Although I know that the system is joking,But he is still hurt.。
“system,Say when you release a task?!”
“Task release:
Establishing Mondic City
award:Swords improvement。”
“Task release:
Help Barbabos get the seven gods。
award:Wind element,Wind element affiliates:1000,Medical skillMax,Value(Exchange right)
Host,For his wife!Come on!Don’t be salty fish!”
Breaking,This system will finally add prompt.。
but,How is this prompt??
never mind,Don’t tangle this。
The degree of salted fish in the system he has already aware,This guy is basically lazy to read。
fencingMaxwhen,His whole person has changed,The sword is the Jun of the Bing,So he also has a gentleman’s etiquette.,temperament。But soon I will receive it back.,After all, he wants to be a salted fish.。
Now he can be called the magic of the sword.!
However, Francis is not the intention of seven gods.。
Compare this,He is more curious about what is Ya.。
Completing the task is actually only redemption!
National vibration
World returned600Year ago,Braggard in Dhalipa,God is collapsed,Allocation!
And Morax is also a masterpiece of the new god.。
Morax here1000I tried to defeat the tyrant for many years ago.,Help neighboring countries launch new gods,Create a contract,Get a unbeatable allies。
But what is the tyrant strength,And it is on the other party,Unless other immortals,Otherwise, Morax has no way to overcome Him.。
Eventually just played one“Flatter”。
But can solve this tyrant’s colleagues,are friends,Still enemies??