Do not negative times and meets to come to Changsha County Gaoqiao Town to go to a conference

Gaoqiao "Green Sweet Pepper" tourist visit, Zhou Tong photo.

People’s Network Changsha December 8th is accompanied by frost wind, bathed with Warm Yang, Changsha County, Gaoqiao Town, Gaoqiao Town, Gaoqiao Town, Changsha County, like fire, swaying. A few days ago, Changsha County Gaqiao Town held the third Red Maple series, through the work of industrial and agricultural leisure tourism, fun sports sessions, idyllic vendors and other fields, and experienced tourists with clearer, more intuitive, and more memorable. Further publicize special cultural and tourism resources, continue to expand the popularity of Maple Town. "Our main product is the main product is ancient law charcoal roast sauce duck and duck deputy products, the raw materials are selected to be scattered and running, using 8 hours of bamboo charcoal slow barbecue process, and then use pure natural incense. It is not added. Any chemicals and preservatives.

"In Hunan Changsha Zunyi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager Wang Quanhai introduced the tourists who came to visit.

"In the traditional hard sauce duck technology, the process improvement is continuously upgraded.

During the visit, many tourists have already been in the temptation of aroma, and they have purchased and tasted them. The little duck fairy has got a praise.

Since this year, Gaoqiao Town has fully promoted the development of the cultural industry, the depth link to integrate the township resources, and build a tourist industry and "high-bridge trunk" project of one or two-three-production integration, Hunan Changsha Zunyi Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. is One of them, after, visitors also went to Baishiyuan Village to enjoy the beautiful and livable village and Changsha Lingcai Agriculture Development Co., Ltd., fully understand the current beautiful rural construction and village appearance, as well as specialty agricultural products R & D and planting of Gaoqiao "Green Capsicum". Visitors can not only understand the development status of the development of high bridge towns, agricultural enterprises, but also pack quality snacks, green vegetables, specialty agricultural products and other packages.

On the Hishan Road of Zizhu Mountain, Gaoqiao Town, the three five complex tourists enjoy the fresh-threatened natural scenery, while they can’t wait to go to the mountain peak.

Zizhu Mountain is a national AAA-level tourist scenic spot, which has the largest Buddhist temple in Changsha County, Kaiyuan Temple, surrounding the national level water source, Halou Lake, a virtual Tang Prince Temple, Yu Huang Temple Site, Shifeng Tip, Huang Zi Tomb, etc. Unique Resources At present, the water and electricity road gas has been placed, and the fun sports meeting of the Red Maple series is organized as an opportunity, which is officially opened, attracting the popularity. "This afternoon, the field is facing the field, the sun is warm, I want to talk to you. What is the poem? The textbook and everyone’s own answers, but I want to say that the poem is the bunch of light to shoot into the soul.

"The autumn harvest winter hidden, the field is fragrant, the low-spirited singing average voice is washed by the sun, through the tea garden, the field, and the ripples in the quiet mountains, more than ten acres of high bridge town, more than 100 poetry lovers I gathered together, staying away from the city, on the wide rural land, poetry, poetry, and poetry.

After the pastoral poetry, the Gaoqiao Town Egret Art Troupe has also prepared a wonderful program performance.

A rich and diverse event arrangement, the experience of the real scene is experienced, and visit the casters are coming, they will return. It is reported that the Red Female Series is one of the important power points of high-quality promotion in Quality, Gaqiao Town. According to the fourteenth party congress in Changsha County, the strategic objective of "Wenbao Integration Sample District" is struggling. and Gaoqiao town "to create agricultural feature of the town, construction of agricultural brigade fusion town, striving to revitalize the rural model" targeting, co-ordinate the town of Gaoqiao town text brigade resources to Kanai River as the center, relying on old Takahashi Street, Zizhu Mountain, Bailu Lake, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, high-bridge research base, Baishiyuan Village beautifully livable village and other resource advantages, creating a core landscape area of ??4 square kilometers, through deep excavation "Agricultural" "Labor Practice" "tea Zen "Theme Culture Sedimentation, with the opportunity of festival activities, transform the influence, attractiveness and appeal of characteristic culture into the driving force of tourism development, to create" Changsha City’s day around the sky, short-distance travel, rural tour footstep ".

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