Climbing the stairs also needs to be done

Climbing the stairs also needs to be done

Living up the stairs to climb the stairs to fitness seems to have become a fashion.

However, climbing stairs is also about science.

To sum it up, it varies from person to person, and it can be done with utmost effort and perseverance.

  Climbing stairs is different from climbing a mountain.

The mountains are often irregular and have the most chance of rest; the stairs are regular, most of them are steeper than the slopes, and the vertical angle scales, the average physical energy consumed per step is more.

  Some people calculate that it takes 220 kilocalories to climb the stairs for 10 minutes, and there are six floors of round-trip height twice, which is 1500 meters compared to the land level.

It is believed that the effect of prevention of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases is recognized.

  According to many years of observation, residents living in five or more floors walk up and down three times a day, and the mortality rate of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can be reduced by 25%.

Medical scientists joked that each step of the stairs can be extended by 4 seconds.

The fitness effect is considerable.

  However, climbing stairs as a fitness is not suitable for everyone.

Severe organic diseases, difficulty in self-care and poor physical condition are generally not suitable.

Middle-aged and elderly people living in five or more floors should climb the stairs and try their best to avoid rising to the highest level.

  Existing research shows that if two-thirds of the skeletal muscles participate in exercise, at least 5 minutes can overcome the inertia of the body, and the structural and functional stress can be adjusted after 20 minutes. Such exercise can consume more than three times a week.Aunt, exercise on the heart, lungs and exercise system is also effective.

  The segmental nature of the stairs and the monotonous environment make it easy for some climbers to “shortly assault and rest for a long time”.

  Some office workers who lack exercise on weekdays and are in a sub-health state, suddenly and suddenly exercise is not only useless, but harmful; because they climbed into the drama and fell in the corridor, they did not happen.

The enhancement of physical fitness must be gradual and persevering.