Bikram Hot Yoga


Bikram Hot Yoga

Bikram is a rebellion in the traditional American yoga world. His practice method has been accused by classical yogis and is considered not to conform to traditional yoga concepts.

But Absolutely Hot Yoga is a practice method that is highly sought after by enthusiasts. It can also be called a new and popular yoga genre. Mr. Bikram often appears on the cover of American Yoga Magazine. His innovation is successful.

  The Bikram Yoga Studio is very famous in Manhattan area. It specializes in practicing Bikram Yoga, but people often call it “Hot Yoga” because the temperature in the practice room is as high as nearly 40 degrees Celsius.

Under the condition that the human body can bear the temperature limit, the practitioners do posture and breathing exercises modeled by Bikram.

At the beginning of one or two moves, the body began to sweat out.

At the end of each of the three moves, the instructor was allowed to drink water, and then continued to practice so that the sweat beads of soybeans flowed out.

Repeat each pose.

In such a high-temperature environment, almost everyone’s softness has reached an optimal state, reduced, and squeezed to allow sweat to “swell” unbridled. At this time, it seems that the body’s pressure and toxins begin to escape from the body.

  The principle of hot yoga for weight loss is to practice yoga in a high-temperature room, which will make the body sweat continuously, thereby strengthening blood circulation and expelling endotoxins from the body. Afterwards, the whole person seems to relax a lot, the spirit is better, and the skin is smooth.
Different movements have different health effects. Some movements can strengthen the spine protection function and improve pain (such as rheumatism), some can strengthen muscle strength and strengthen the muscles of all parts of the body, such as bones, posterior muscles, lower body, hands, waistBack, pressurization, etc.

At the same time, it can strengthen cardiopulmonary function and training concentration, stabilize balance, and even relieve intermittent pain, such as foot problems and back injuries.

  Hot yoga is very helpful for bodybuilding, body sculpture and healthy people.

The most important effect of high temperature yoga on the human body is its detoxification process. Through the practice of temperature and speed, the body’s perspiration is several times more than usual. The excess aunts in the body are discharged through sweat, thereby detoxifying and degreasing.

The two-way high temperature yoga class takes approximately 90 minutes.

  In addition, in addition to the role of bodybuilding and weight loss, high-temperature yoga has the benefits of reducing wrinkles, enhancing immunity and resistance, improving vision and hearing, balancing mental and emotional health, and being more intuitive.

  You can’t be late for hot yoga.

Know exactly when to drink.

Practice three to four times a week.