The road you walked through will not be wasted

The road you walked through will not be wasted

The daughter who was preparing to take the acupuncturist license in New York, USA, suddenly sent an email to me saying she wanted to give up.

Because of her deep thoughts, she found that relying on acupuncture skills can make her financially innocent, but during her stay in the art capital of New York, she felt more convinced that she should be happier if she could arm her work in art.
Therefore, she decided to temporarily suspend the examination of the license, and instead prepare to go to the art curriculum.

  Seeing this letter from my daughter, I reacted with all my mothers and wanted to pour a cold water: “You are all twenty, still dreaming?”

“You are giving up the medical path now. Has the medicine of the past seven years been read in white?”

“You think that it is so easy to change the art road. Can you change it if you want to change it?”

“When you study art, you can still have an interest. You want to eat it with your meal, wait for your hungry stomach!”

Fortunately, in the process of writing a letter to her, my mind slowly woke up.

  I haven’t been in my 30s before I started dreaming. I quit my high-paying work on TV and pursue the dream of being a professional writer.

  When others regret that I should not “was” for more than ten years to do TV and radio, I am not plausible. “There is no waste in any way, as long as you walk through hard work”?

  When I chose to use the favorable material for writing, I also heard many opposing voices: “It is not so easy to become a writer, it is not quite worthwhile.”

“How many writers live by writing?”

“If you want to engage in writing, you should also pick an alternative to everyone’s attention. Why do you want to pick the cold hidden alternative?”

“I don’t completely ignore these opposition voices, but listen to my own voices -” Clear what you want to do, and then go all out!


  In comparison, the daughter awakened a decade earlier than me.

So, I can do it in my thirties and be able to do success. Why can’t she do it?

Why should I worry about her failure to succeed?

What I should do is not obstruction, or encourage her to end her dreams and help her build a dream step by step!

  Our parents often encourage or even force children to learn, pursue social recognition, and praise the skills of “useful” and “developed”;The unfinished ambitions project on the expectation of the child, hoping that the child can restore his life’s shortcomings; unless the parents hope that the child can become a person who shows glory, and neglect to let themselves and the child do not regret the future, in fact, to train the children to be braveDreaming heart and positive dreams!

  When I put down the “pre-fear” and turned to support and encourage her to go to the dream one month later, my daughter called and told me that she had heard some experiences of “coming people” who lived in New York and then adopted it.I have previously gone to the military art training program after I have been admitted to the acupuncturist license, and then I will be less psychological and this year’s estimated pressure.

  After I realized the first choice of the daughter’s peak, I had a “post fear”: If I insisted that my daughter obey my “vision” and the daughter would barely obey, it would not be possible to go back and truly understand the mother’s intentions;Under the anger of anger, deliberately make a decision to sing against you!