When Fang Yu sighed,Incoming payment SMS。

20 million arrived!
“Zang Jia?”
Jiang Wan’er muttered。
“Yes!What’s weird……You all paid for medical expenses,Mr. Zang is the backbone of Patriarch Zang,Do you think they will let me save people for free?
of course,The friendship inside,Is measured by money!Actually I am not interested in money at all。
My interest is to catch the person behind the scenes,Don’t let more people get hurt!”
Fang Yu made sure。
“I believe you!I want to catch them too……I don’t know why they did it to my father?”
Jiang Wan’er said deeply。
“You go to the hospital to see your father……I will investigate!”
Fang Yu slowly said。
“Can i find it?I have sent someone to find,But there is no clue……”
Jiang Wan’er hesitated,Don’t know how to say it。
“perhaps,I have a way……”
Fang Yu got up,Took a taxi and left。
“Follow Mr. Fang!”
Jiang Wan’er worried about Fang Yu’s safety,Quickly ordered。