Long Jiu is not asserted,House brother has always been a throat of Liao Wenjie,Not only various kinds of cultivation,I still have to subvert the people of Iceberg cold men.,Middle-aged grease male in incarnation,Desperately and dirty water, Liao Wenjie, destroyed into a good color。

Dragon 9 believes in seeing,Professional vision with her investigated prisoners,The various performances of Liao Wenjie are very rules,Standard old man,Good to pay for life。
Dragon Jiu dares to pack,If Liao Wenjie is a slag,There is no good man in the world.。
Now,Cool is not the secret to Liao Wenjie mentioned this sentence,Lenovo Dragon Five’s 嘱 and warning,She started some touch。
“A nine,You go abroad for so long,I don’t know if I move my new home.,Address in the Hemishan District Villa Group。”
Liao Wenjie microphone,Dark Dragon,Then behind the face:“There are many female colleagues before I want to go to my house.,I was refused by me.。”
I heard this,Dragon is also slightly red,Don’t look at the window。Annoyed yourself,Questioning Liao Wenjie’s character,On the side of the Dragon Five Trunks,If it is not a dragon?,She will never think。
“Ager,Those female colleagues who want to see your new home,Don’t have too many people in the future.。”
“Um,I think so。”
Simple conversation end,The car is not cold,Unmarkable 旖旎 旖旎 旖旎,I am deeply covered with two people.。
double Villa,Electric iron door open,Sports car enters the garage。
Just leave for a while,Come back,Liao Wenjie has already had its own company,There are also a villa、Sports car,Dragon Jiu is unrealistic,What really want to say something?……
Her eyesight,At a glance,Besides,Brother Dragon Five Eyes,It’s not saved.。
“I like to be quiet,Therefore, in addition to regular housekeeping companies to clean up the villa,There is no maid……Partition,In the next period,Will find a decorative company to open it……”
Liao Wenjie took a circle:“Ingredients are in the kitchen,Your feast is personally fed by me.,It used to be a person,I am still very confident about my kitchen art.。”
Dragon Nine Wen Yishen,To say fight、security、trial、Solve the case、Firearms, etc.,She is completely no problem,Guaranteed excellent completion tasks,Can be cooking,She exact salad,Just below。
“A nine,Do you want a big exhibition?,Show your cooking?”
“Can’t,My feast,I don’t plan to kitchen,Nor intended to grab your limelight。”Dragon Nine cold and indifferent face response,Leave the kitchen quickly,I heard the case of the knife,She secretly touchs the second floor,Several bedrooms check。
Occupational disease。
seeing is believing,To determine if you don’t have a long hair。
Kitchen,Liao Wenjie looked up at upstairs,Shrug shrug, continue to cut vegetables,This house, he has not lived.,Don’t say a woman’s hair,Even his hair is not,Not don’t say that volume volume……
Cough,In short,It is called it is not afraid of shadow.,Dragon 9 is destined to have no。
Candlelight after dinner,The two snuggled on the sofa watching TV,Dragon nine face is slightly red,Have some drunkenness。
“A nine,I can’t drive after drinking.,or……You just find a bedroom to stay.。”
Chapter 258 magic(Take off)Tao high one foot
Dragon nine is tightly covered with the quilt of the chest,God is still blurred,I don’t understand, just choose a bedroom.,Why can I evolve?。
Is it drunk??