In her sleeping time,Lu Hao Cheng has already called Qing Dynasty,I know that Blue Xin meets Bai Xi.,But he knows,That is not a matter of letting the blue mood。

Can make her feel bad in a small auspicious banquet,Then it is definitely a person who cares about,Call the manager of Jiangshi Hotel, the manager of Jiangyou City, sent the monitoring of the hotel。
Lu Haocang looks closely,I found that when I went to the bathroom.,A woman encountered a woman,He doesn’t know Song Ni,I have seen the video a few times.,I found that this woman has been following the side of Le Xi.。
Not far from the bathroom,This woman is called Blue Xin.,The gesture is slightly proud and the Blue Xin said a few words.,Blue Xin’s face has become uncomfortable.。
He looked at the video time,That’s it,Blue back to the banquet,The whole person is not good.。
Lu Haocheng screenshot to Lin Ye。
[Who is looking at this woman?]
Lin Ye:[I’m at the company。You have two people,Didn’t you see the company’s building??]
Lu Hao Cheng:[what happened?]
Lin Ye:[Equal of the Group’s things,Many reporters blocked the gate.。]
Lu Hao Cheng:[Let them blocked,I did a long-awaited intense exercise last night.,I don’t come to the company today.。]
Screen,Lin Ye knows Lu Haocheng to show off。
Lin Ye:[Hoot,Lu Hao Cheng,I want to go back to tell my mother.,Say you bullied me no girlfriend,I am a small cabbage on the side of the road.,Straight and pure,Hard is broken by you。]
Lu Hao Cheng:[……]
Thinking of Lin Ye fucking hot temper His fast mobile phone is lost,Ignore Lin Ye。
Listening to the upstairs,He is watching soft,Get up and go to the kitchen。
Wife is not happy,Of course, my wife is at home.。
Lan Xin went downstairs,I saw Lu Hao Cheng’s dish from the kitchen.,I thought about it.,Her mood is not good。
“Blue,Come and eat。”Lu Haocheng looked at her plentiful downstairs,Slightly,Mood is still bad,What did the woman say to the blue?
In fact, Lan Xin has not said that Synnor is said.,Son sick,Her mother, how to eat, eat and drink。
Lu Haocheng pulled the chair and let her sit down,Sheng a bowl of rice is placed in front of her。
“Blue,Try the steamed squid I made。”Lu Haocheng laughed with a piece of placed in her bowl。
Lan Xin nodded,“More and more you will do.。”
She finished,Dinner,Although it is very tired,Also very hungry,But still don’t want to eat。
Lu Haocheng saw,Nothing to force her。
“Blue,Lunch,Let’s go to the amusement park.。”
“Um!”Blue Xin is surprised to watch him,“Why do you want to go to the amusement park??”He is not like a person who will go to the amusement park.。
Lu Hao Cheng reached out and knead her hair,Her hair is very soft,She is usually paying attention to maintenance。
“Take you to play.,We haven’t been to the amusement park yet.。”
He wants to take her to sit on a ferris wheel.。
When he brugped mobile phone, he accidentally brushed a message.,Have a couple to sit on a ferris wheel,Nod your own woman at the highest point,From then on, two people。
Although some exaggeration,But people have such a heart.,Have a good meaning,Whether it is true and false,I want to do it again.。
“OK then,Today we have two strokes together,Anyway, the autumn exhibition is also smooth,We can also take a break.,Relax your own。”
Lunch,Couples will start。
After getting on the bus,Blue Xinji habitually opens a mobile phone,Seeing the news of the Group’s acquisition of the Group’s news,She instantly glanced at the Lu Hao Cheng in the driving position.。
in the sun,Men’s side is beautiful,Very charming,She is not too late to appreciate,The news was shocked by the news。