Men can easily lose weight by skipping 200 ropes a day

Men can easily lose weight by skipping 200 ropes a day

Jumping 200 times a minute can consume 1,300 calories of heat per hour.

For many beauty-loving people, this number is more attractive than Latin dance and even spinning.

And skipping ropes are so diverse and interesting that both stars and white-collar workers will enjoy it.

Skipping rope can not only strengthen the lower limbs, but also good exercise for the upper body.

Of course, some men may think that skipping is a bit like women’s sports, but think that even boxing champion Tyson is an advocate of skipping sports, men should give up this prejudice!

  Rope skipping becomes white-collar new favorite 25-year-old Lenny?

Kensin worked for a large multinational company, and he always had a plastic jump rope in the vertical of his office.

“I’m used to hopping for a while when I’m tired, some in the park, in the aisle.

I do n’t have any problem playing “Double Jump”
now, and I have learned a lot of new tricks with a group of like-minded friends.

Many people may think that skipping is a tedious sport, but it is not.

When you master the essentials, it becomes fun.

“As Lenny said, rope skipping is highly competitive, has many tricks, and has very high physical requirements. It is as” stimulating “as rock and roll, which can fully show the vibrant side of people.

  Famous British singer James?

Morrison also joined the scene of the skipping rope competition in the recent new song “What Do You Give Me?”

In addition to singers, many young athletes have joined the sport, and they believe that skipping ropes can do things other than many of them.

  There are many benefits for children’s exercises. Four years ago, the British Rope Jumping Association (BRSA) began to promote the skipping sport. They used the famous British TV show “BLUE PETER” to introduce more than 200 skipping rope patterns.

Many viewers were amazed by the complex and novel footwork and youthfulness of the rope skipping movement.

  Great efforts have been made to re-promote this ancient sport.

This year the UK set a new world record for 7,632 children jumping rope for 3 minutes simultaneously at 85 locations.

Teachers have given great support, and they generally believe that skipping is extremely beneficial to the health of children.


“Due to the popularity of computer games and the like, skipping has been out of fashion for a long time.

But now we are re-encouraging children to start skipping.

There are so many patterns that children can create with a simple rope.

“Her daughter, 18-year-old Beth and 17-year-old Recha started the rope skipping exercise at the age of 7 and are now competing in the UK.

They exercise four or five times a week for 3 hours each.

They believe that this exercise is not boring at all.

  Basic skipping is simple, but at a high level, there are a lot of tricks.

There are at least six high-level clubs in the UK that regularly play games.

The current world record for simple speed skipping is 188 jumps in 30 seconds.

The complex is done by a group of people. Some people jump two ropes at a rate of 200 beats per minute, while others perform somersaults, pushups, handstands, etc. while skipping the rope.

  It is best to wear soft-soled shoes when skipping. BRAS recommends that skipping ropes 3-4 times a week, every 10 minutes or so, with 2 minutes as a unit, is a very effective and appropriate amount of exercise.

According to research, continuous rope skipping for 10 minutes is about the same energy consumption as jogging for 30 minutes or fitness dance for 20 minutes.

Wear comfortable soft-soled sneakers to relieve impact and prevent shock from damaging joints.

Initially, you can start exercising with a light rope. Each unit is 30 seconds. Gradually increase the amount. You can use more tricks after you become proficient.

Rope skipping can always promote the cardiovascular system’s tolerance, increase muscle strength and muscle tolerance, alignment, and it is also good for bone health; and for the coordination, coordination, speed, and rhythm of various parts of the body,Balance and so on have improved.

  In addition, skipping rope has the advantages of being easy to learn, small investment, improving human creativity, self-confidence and communication skills.