CCB Jilin Branch based on the credit card consumption field service people’s livelihood

All along, CCB Jilin Province RootsPro Volkswagen Credit Card Consumption, with the people’s clothing and food and housing, the social public, focusing on customer needs and experience, focusing on digital construction, providing tentacles for the people, accurate direct, ubiquitous financial services .

Building a differentiated product system to meet the multi-level needs of the customer "The process of the entire installment is quite simple, the review is very fast, the interest rate is also very affordable, and can be used in the place of buying home building materials, it can make the decoration!" Looking at the new house that is about to renovate, Mr. Zhang, Changchun, is happy, and the service of CCB is full. Not long ago, Mr. Zhang also faced the difficulty of decoration lack of funds, just bought a house and took a large money decoration, the burden was not small. After being learned, after the construction of the CCB can handle the installment of the business, Mr. Zhang is just like a long drought. After lending, after verifying the loan, the Changchun High-tech Branch is the first time for its first time, and solves his urgent needs. In fact, this is only a small case of the CCB’s Branch of Jilin Branch, and helps the people to achieve a small case of "living in peace dream". In recent years, branches to meet the needs of the people for the needs of a good life, and continue to invest new power to consumption upgrade with "new service".

In addition, CCB Jilin Branch pays attention to fine passengers, focusing on the diversified credit card consumption credit products, meets the consumer credit demand in various fields in individuals and families.

At present, branch credit card products have covered many people’s livelihood consumptions such as automobiles, decoration, home, home appliances, department stores, and maximize user wealth value and utility maximize user wealth.

As of the end of October 2021, the branches accumulated the staging transaction volume of 100 million yuan.

Accelerating the scene financial construction to enhance customer card Experience Today’s consumption financial demand surges, and scene finance has become the mainstream of credit card industries.

In recent years, the Jilin Branch of CCB continued to accelerate the construction and channel layout to create a financial ecosystem. Online launch "CCB Life" app, to build a one-stop life scene service platform in Internet mode.

On November 9th, "CCB Life" App will open the city in the province, set food, takeaway, recharge, taxi, movie performance, payment and other top ten scenes, and provide financial services such as credit card, wallet, and provide users with quality life. New selection and new experience.

It is understood that since the operation of the "CCB Life" platform, the registered users have exceeded 400,000 households, and they have settled in the commercial scenes of more than 2,000 households, catering, business super, travel, ice and snow, car consumption. . "CCB passes the real discount, and makes it more business to our customers.

"Changchun Eurasian Commercial Chain Financial Director Chen Wenjie said in the" CCB Life "App Startup Ceremony. Online Mining the influential channel resources, select high-quality merchants, carry out channel scene marketing, build food and clothing and housing entertainment multi-scene, unreasonable finance The ecosystem is now covered by the provinces, covering shopping, gourmet, travel, entertainment, etc. This year, the branches have actively built the dragon card brand of "good use, want to use, love", in the landing head office "Dragon Card credit card, discount 666 "Based on the brand promotion" brand, "opening a better life" "Open a good life" "Dragon Card Consumption Season, Going to Springlight" Activity.

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