Inventory the most loved cities in China

Inventory the most loved cities in China

Many cities in China are not lacking in romance and even the factors that breed love, but the increasingly narrow space and the pressure to live with the shadows make these cities more and more modern and modern, while also transforming the familiar love model.As pale as paper, indifference invades our microcosms and deep in our heads.

Each of us needs love to redeem. Without love to nourish, all cities may become the “Abandoned Capital” written by Jia Pingwa.

  1. Shanghai’s reason for selection: Shanghai has always been inextricably linked with love. A city is a play, and the love and hatred of red and green women perform every day.

But soon the exquisiteness and calmness of the past were shattered by the increasing narrow living space of the city. The savvy Shanghainese and the less savvy white-collar workers who still enjoyed the pressure of survival in the city began to weigh the real gains and losses.

Emotions are no exception, and they all depend on whether they are cost-effective.

  2. Hangzhou was selected for the reason: It has the West Lake White Pagoda in itself, and the romantic city of Gushan Broken Bridge has spread the love of the fairy goddess of the population as early as hundreds of years ago. That beautiful song should only exist in the sky.How many love stories I heard can make almost all the mundane men and women feel ashamed.

Along with saying that the junior city needs the nourishment of love, it is better to say that she is looking forward to the return of the same ridiculous love.

  3. Guangzhou was selected as a reason: Guangzhou is a very inclusive grass-roots city, but all the gangster movies and grievances and grievances that are necessary in all gangster movies are merged, so that even the most basic sense of security cannot be found in the southern city.It seems that even when standing under the hot sun, love is a luxury, or it is important to keep your life . 4, Xi’an was chosen: The Millennium Emperor has always created heroes and beauties, and the greatest charm of these cities in Xi’an lies in its history and culture.Accumulation, not to mention that now she feels like a hero is lonely, and the beauty is late, but in terms of calmness and atmosphere, it has never been the only trait of love. It seems that the city of Xiongguan in the northwest lacks water and tenderness.
  5. Reasons for Chengdu to be selected: I am afraid that no one enters Chengdu with beauties and snacks, but the rich people of the Kingdom of Heaven have cultivated both the wise and clever, and the lazy and ignorant of being rich.

Chengdu people know how to live, and they are good at life, but Chengdu is not as cool as hot water, and its love is overwhelming, so the “Super Girl” was born to occupy the two parts of the land of Xishu.

  6. Beijing’s reason for selection: Beijing’s zoning determines the atmosphere of Beijingers, but when the atmosphere of the people of the capital has become domineering, the sexual flooding under the rolling dust has become a unique urban culture here.

From the CCTV director’s sex scandal to the almost flooded one-night stand, everything is so naked, love?

Let’s take a break!

  7. Lijiang’s reason for being selected: This is a holy land of love that is too pure to be profane.

In Lijiang, the most carefree is sunshine, the most free is time, and the most desirable is love.

  Escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, jumping into the river of years, the ugliness of the world is cleaned up by this river, with the return of longing, the scenery of love is only in the mountains and rivers at this time . 8, Lhasa was selectedReason: Lhasa has been listed as one of the top ten places to encounter lovers. Although slightly boring, the snow is no longer pure. Speculators, backpackers, Buddhists, poor people and explorers have followed the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.Now, the short-lived physical pleasure is western medicine, and the long and deep spiritual love is Chinese medicine. The ancient holy city, what do we need now?

  9, Hong Kong’s reason for selection: In the colonial disputes again and again, but this tide of incense but rooted in the modern city of the Chinese nation can not overcome the Chinese love that has been entrenched for thousands of years.

While many small people living in society are running for their livelihoods, they will have a little dream in their hearts, and this dream is more about love. Busy and civilian Hong Kong needs work and love.

  10. Harbin’s reason for selection: Contrary to Chengdu, Harbin is located in a bitter cold northern country. Everything here is full of relaxation and full of male charm, and men in Harbin are all strong and powerful, with bold and bold personality, slightly cold in sexy.Cold arrogance and uninhibited.

The cold urban character still needs the gentle and gentle water of Jiangnan women to melt it .