Omi Ren

Omi Ren

Indica is a grass plant.

There are two kinds, one is Kawaguchi, the shell is hard and thick, commonly known as bodhi.

One kind is indica rice, the shell is thin and glutinous, and it is edible.

The performance of these two is similar, and the latter is better.

Roots are also used medicinally.

  The taste is sweet, slightly cold, non-toxic.

  Ingredients Kernels contain sugars, oils, and amino acids.

(For leucine, lysine, arginine, tyrosine, etc.

) It still contains lutein and vitamin B1.

The root contains fluorenol, β-, μ- two kinds of glutenol.

  The main function is to dampen the bile, improve the stomach, and eliminate edema.

Seed kernels are both good nutrition and have diuretic and anti-cancer effects.

Suitable for beriberi edema, early stage of cancer.

Its root is an exterminator.

  [胃癌,官颈癌]  薏米仁15-30克,野菱(带壳切开)60-90克,共煎浓汁,一日2次分服。Taking 1 month as a course of treatment is said to have the effect of inhibiting the development of vitamins.

  [青年性扁平疣,寻常性赘疣]  生薏米仁30克,水煎,一日2次分服,10天为一疗程。(The formula of Fanbiren with a dosage of 30-60 grams is best supplemented with barley. Chuangu has a poor curative effect.

)  [沙石淋,热淋,小便痛(包括膀胱及尿道炎,尿路结石等)]  薏米茎、叶、根适量(鲜草约250克,干草减半),水煎去渣,一日Take 2-3 times.

  [黄疸,小便不利]  薏米根60-90克(鲜品加倍),水煎去渣,一日2次分服。  [蛔虫心腹痛]  薏米根250克,切细,水煎去渣,一日2次,食前服。  [妇女月经不通,非怀孕期月经停闭]  薏米根30克(鲜根60克),水煎服,每月经周期前服3-5剂。