Yellow eyes: your liver and gallbladder are out of order!

Yellow eyes: your liver and gallbladder are out of order!

The six passwords told to you by your eyes. Observing a lot on weekdays can prevent problems before they occur.

  Code one: Dark circles get up early in the morning and find that the circles are dark and dark?

Be careful!

This may be due to excessive waste deposits in the blood.

The lower eyelid skin is thinner and most easily reflects blood color.

Think about whether you have been stressed or tired recently?

Renal dysfunction that governs urea and reproductive organs can also dim the eyes.

It is recommended to stay up late and eat more whole grain foods is the best way to eliminate dark circles!

  Password 2: Puffy eyelids Didn’t drink much water before going to bed, but the eyelids were still very swollen in the morning?

You may have a fluid disorder!

There are many reasons for the imbalance of water metabolism. If you feel weakness in your lower limbs and dry mouth, it may be a problem with your kidneys.

A healthy kidney can smoothly drain excess water from the body. When there is insufficient water, he will slow down the metabolism and accumulate water in the body, causing mild swelling.

Don’t worry, drink a few glasses of water and you will soon be able to return your eyesight!

  Password 3: In addition to suggesting that you use oil-free eye cream to deal with aunt particles under the eyes, you also need to tell you that aunt particles are a warning sign that the body’s phospholipids are too high.

Eat less fried food and animal offal, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, annoying small particles will soon disappear!

  Code number four: The red eyes and blood-stained “fire eyes and golden eyes” are warning signs of poor blood circulation.

Don’t be busy dropping eye drops, moving your head, neck, and shoulders to clear the blood flow of your upper limbs. Take a good night’s sleep and let your eyes rest fully to reduce congestion.

If you are busy with work and have no time to rest, you may wish to apply some vitamin C lotion on the back of the neck and shoulders to help blood circulation and relieve red eye soon.

  Password five: Do n’t underestimate the long needle eye. Japanese medical experts have found that the long needle eye represents that your immunity is declining, and bacteria easily enter the eye from the root of the eyelashes, causing inflammation.

If you have long needles repeatedly, it is best to go to the hospital for a comprehensive health check.

Drinking Buzhong Yiqi Decoction often improves your immunity so that you can “break up” with the needle eye completely.

  Password 6: The yellowing of the white eyes may be the liver, and there is a problem with the bile.

Bile is a yellow-green liquid. When the gallbladder or liver is imbalanced, the bile flows into the blood, making the eyes white and yellow.

Fortunately, bile can break down excess feces in the body, and you don’t have to worry about weight anymore!