Spy disasters, aviation, battery plots are reversed and the stock market is frequently performed-pumping the ladder-

Spy disasters, aviation launches, battery plots have reversed, and the stock market frequently staged a “pump ladder”
Original title: Phosphate disaster, aviation development, cobalt battery plots reversed one after another, securities exchange staged a “pump ladder” to pump up the house.  This week, the A-share market is quite lively. The stories of radiation disasters, aviation development, cobalt-free batteries and other stories have made related concept stocks experience a “roll up today and a sharp fall tomorrow” roller coaster.  Some netizens joked: “On Monday night, the retina was gone.Cobalt is gone on Tuesday afternoon; the engine is back on Tuesday night.A shares: I’m too difficult.”Image source: Sina Weibo” Cobalt-free “new energy concept stocks have been sought after in recent months, especially driven by Tesla, including Ningde Times, Huayou Cobalt, GuoxuanThe integration of a number of power battery manufacturers such as Hi-Tech and Hanrui Cobalt has risen steadily.  At present, power batteries on the market are mainly divided into two types: lithium iron phosphate batteries (cobalt-free) and ternary lithium batteries (including cobalt).On February 16, Zhongtai Securities pointed out that “the spot price of cobalt and lithium has risen or has just begun.”  Photo source: Futu Niuniu, the same below, but on February 18, Tesla announced that it will conduct a self-developed “cobalt-free new battery”, which will bring a lot of impact to the cobalt industry.  As soon as the news came out, the cobalt sector, which had been rising steadily, fell nearly 4% yesterday.Of which Han Rui Cobalt (300618).sz) “One word limit”; Huayou Cobalt (603799.sh) Touching the daily limit.  Obviously, Observer.net calculated that the above-mentioned Huayou Cobalt Industry and Hanrui Cobalt Industry had an increase of 110% and 56% in the past three months.  In contrast, lithium iron phosphate raw material manufacturers-Hezong Technology, Xiangtan Electrochemical, German Nanometer “single” daily limit; lithium iron phosphate battery companies-BYD, Guoxuan Hi-Tech respectively rose 4.1%, 2.93%.  Too many netizens teased that “the cobalt was fired for a long time, and Tesla was not used by others.” “Sure enough, when losing money, no stock is cobalt-free.”” Weibo screenshot, the same below, but Observer Network found that this time the cobalt industry is really “innocent”.  First of all, about 90% of cobalt metal is actually used in high temperature alloys, hard alloys and mobile phone batteries.The proportion of cobalt metal used in electric vehicles is not high. In addition, the key expansion direction of lithium iron phosphate is mid-to-low-end models, which will not compete directly with ternary batteries.  It is understood that Tesla and Ningde Times exchange the new batteries used in Chinese-made cars, divided into lithium iron phosphate + CTP + square, high nickel 811 two types.  In fact, the above-mentioned battery is not “zero cobalt content”, as legends have said.The 811 structure refers to a nickel ratio of 8, while cobalt and manganese also account for 10%.Moreover, Tesla also said that it will not give up the ternary battery.  In addition, under the background of the rapid increase in the penetration rate of electric vehicles, the demand for ternary mutations and lithium iron phosphate oxides is increasing, which will not put pressure on the demand for cobalt, but will increase the demand for cobalt.  Why does Tesla use lithium iron phosphate batteries?The first is that it has low cost, high security, and it must be long.Called ternary battery, it has stronger competitiveness in the competition of model vehicles.  According to data from the Power Battery Application Chapter, the market price of lithium iron phosphate battery cells in 2019 is less than zero.7 yuan / Wh, while the price of ternary battery cells is 0.9 yuan / Wh or so.However, the lithium phosphate battery has insufficient energy density and extended cruising range, and is now widely used in buses.  ”It is ridiculous to ban the sale of engines to China under the pretext of ‘national security.’ Another corner of the A-share market, the aviation development concept stock has similar experience with cobalt.  On Monday (February 17), the military industry sector of the A-share market ushered in a carnival, and the Shenwan defense military index rose 6.35%, leading the two cities, is the highest single-day increase in the past four years.In essence, the aviation development stocks also suffered from “frenzy.”Among them, Aviation Development Power, Aviation Development controls two continuous boards, and Aviation Development Technology three continuous boards.  Observer website query the official website of the above three companies learned that the current aviation power is China’s large, medium and small military and civil aviation engine power plant production and development and repair base, is the strongest domestic production capacity, the most comprehensive product range, the largest powerUnit production unit.  Another company, Liangfa, has two major business 杭州桑拿 segments: engine control systems and components, international cooperation and non-aviation products.Among them, the engine control system and component revenue accounted for about 80%.  The aviation technology that realizes the triple plate is a long-term advanced aero engine. It has the ability to develop, produce, test and test aero engines.  The reason why the A-share “big airplane” segment is highly sought after is that on February 16, the US government was considering preventing GE from delivering LEAP-1C engines to Chinese C919 passenger aircraft.  Brokers have issued research reports pointing out that in the face of foreign technology blockades, it will promote the accelerated development of large domestic aircraft industry chains such as aircraft engines, airborne equipment, and airframe production in the long 西安耍耍网 term.  ”External pressure is an important driver for stimulating the core autonomy of the upstream high-end industry. The domestic aero-engine industry is in urgent need of breakthrough to ensure the safety of the aviation manufacturing industry chain.”Huatai Securities said.  However, the plot is reversed again.Local time on February 18, previously on Twitter, publicly opposed its internal government restrictions on GM ‘s export of engines to China, and accused the practice of “taking national security as an excuse”.  The netizens who just “on board” the aviation development unit are not calm again: “The international news said that the engines of large aircraft are not sold to us, and all the roofs are the next day. As a result, it can be said that I still want China to buy our aircraft.Can you still play happily?”This year’s worms don’t work well.” Multiple engines came and the scatter worms were accidentally “killed.”  On February 17, affected by the news of pest hazards in India, Pakistan and other places, Red Sun, Hailier, Evergreen, Lanfeng Biochemical (right protection), Andoma A, Knopson and other pesticide concept stocks rose daily limit, while including Peking UniversityShortage, Jinjian Rice and other food stocks also have daily limit.  The analysts of various major brokerage firms placed the flight path map of the tiny bugs in the “Fighting Night Battle”, and stated that if the radiation disaster affects more than expected, and China is the world’s largest pesticide producer, it may lead to the formation of the pesticide sector.  Some netizens joked: “Although cotton has not been sown this year, it has been eaten up by fund managers.”However,” the A-share market is flying “” Tengda’s wish was dashed in only one day. On February 18, according to the Times of India, the most severely affected state of Rajasthan, crackworms only existed in a small area, and the threat to crops was reduced.In addition to the sporadic areas, the state of the disaster has been completely controllable.  Against this background, brokerages have been “faced” again.  The CICC resolution stated that due to the special nature of the radial disaster, the ideal method is to gradually eliminate the damage at the egg stage. Considering the demand for pesticides by the invading disaster leader, it is recommended to recommend Hailier of Yangnong Chemical Plate.Andomai A and other stocks.  However, after the dialysis disaster was unexpectedly destroyed in India, we can see that the concept stocks recommended by the layered securities firms fell on the same day, and yesterday (February 19) continued to present a downward trend, a decline of nearly 5%.   In fact, Guotai Junan research report suggested that considering the potential destructive power, global food supply may be in short supply and food prices are rising. It is recommended to grow plates such as Suken Nongfa and Beidahuang; seed industry standards such as Longping Hi-Tech and DabeinongTsuen Yin Hi-Tech.However, this sector is similar to the Yangnong Chemical sector, with a decline of nearly 4%. The chief of a securities medicine spit in the circle of friends;The Himalayan roadmap has been drawn. The stock market has just opened, and you say it is over?Still not talking about the Fa?”(Edit: Yin Zhe)