Lu Menglin thought for a while,Said:“Try to open the space channel,We must give up this plane immediately。”

Mi Xiaochong nodded,He and Mr. Wu Hao have the same ideas,Ancient Pan Cthulhu, a god-level super monster,It’s not something they can contend with,Even the master of the three great cities,Mars、Tianzun and Dharma gods gather together,May not be able to win that kind of thing。
Can defeat the gods,There has never been another god!
This is a war between gods,Unless Guangming Dragon God takes action,Otherwise in this plane,No one can beat the ancient pan evil god。
“this matter,Only me and you know!do not tell anyone。”Lu Menglin thought for a while,Commanded。
“Ok!I know!”Mi Xiaochong nodded solemnly,Replied。
From the moment Wu Hao discovered the ancient pan evil god,This plane is destined to no longer belong to the god nation,Even if the news goes back to Shenmin Mainland,Believe in the judgment of God City,It is also very likely to choose to abandon this plane。
Because they can’t invest a lot of troops to start the battle,This is not conducive to the stability of the Shenmin Continent。
in contrast,If the senior leaders of the gods learn that the ancient pan evil god remains on this new plane,,Then they are most likely to take advantage of the emptiness of each other,Launch a new all-out war on Shenmin Continent,Compress the survival of the dark race again。
“Get top offerings first,Let’s talk about lighting up the space coordinates!Leave other things alone for now,I see that ancient pan evil god is dizzy,I won’t wake up for a while。Think again,What else about it,Tell me。”Lu Menglin shook his head,Asked。
Mi Xiaochong thought about it seriously for a while,Said:“No way!There are too few records about the seven evil gods
Up,Because people who have seen them,Basically dead。I only know,Only the Hitomi royal family in the dark race can communicate with the evil god,The other dark races are for the seven evil gods,Just food。”
Lu Menglin’s scalp numb,In my heart, I remembered the woman in white skirt I saw in the enemy line,I don’t know what she is,Actually want to come now,Although she is slaughtering the dark race,But she may not be Human,Maybe he was with the evil god of Gupan。
Want to be here,Lu Menglin took out the wine bottle from his arms,Handed it to Mi Xiaochong。
“Do you recognize this thing?”Lu Menglin asked。
Mi Xiaochong takes the bottle,Suddenly shocked,Like struck by lightning,Whispered:“This,Where did this come from?”
Lu Menglin answered casually:“Met someone halfway,Chatted a few words,She gave me this。”
“I don’t recognize this bottle,But I have seen the pattern on this。This is the magic pattern of the Hitomi royal family!”Mi Xiaochong said with a serious face。
“what?Hitomi Royal Family?She looks exactly like the human race,The power used is completely different from the dark race。”Lu Menglin said in surprise。
Mi Xiaochong sighed,Said:“You don’t want to drink this kind of thing?Never drink!If i guess right,Inside is the night-color Yuqiong juice of the Hitomi royal family,Anyone who drinks this juice,Will burn to death because of the light energy being ignited。Lord Wuhao, you are the favor of the Dragon God,The light energy in the body is extremely pure,Who gave you this bottle,Contains evil intentions,But luckily you didn’t drink it!”