Calculate time,Distance, there is a few days.,This makes Liao Wenjie to rest assured。

It’s hard to find a chance to know the truth.,Say what you want to come over。
Wait a minute,Truth?
“Grandmaster,You just said that you are not a Taoist,Then do you really rely on milk??”
Lyon has a famous saying,Grasp the ghosts,Ghosts should use chocolate。
According to his explanation,Inside the plastic wrap contains nitrate oxide sulfur,Can enable ghost energy molecules,Chocolate has milk,And the ghosts are most afraid of cattle
For this speech,Liao Wenjie used to be a joke,It will not be true now,Lyon can grasp the ghost and definitely。
Whether it is a plastic wrap or milk?,All is a table,Otherwise, grab the ghost costs so low,Ghost also mixed a fart!
“Of course it is milk,Otherwise do you think??”
Lan letter vowed:“I secretly tell you,The reason why the king side is around,Just because of the ghost。This is the following confidentiality,Don’t mess,Those ghosts have thought that this is just coincidence。”
“Talk to you,Maha milk can also be played,After all, the cattle。”
“Reason,But I still use milk.,Convenience store can buy。”
Say,Lyon began to be 咕咕,Recently, milk is rising,It is best to steal a dairy.,In order to save costs。
Next,Liao Wenjie and Talking a lot,I want to do my best set of intelligence and calls,As a result, there is no need to say that。
period,Lyon also introduced his friendsiy,That is the basin lily。
Liao Wenjie tries to communicate with it,Handsome handsome appearance is miserable by Waterloo,iyNot a bird。
This makes Liao Wenjie deeply determines a little,Lyon is indeed neuropathy,Still very serious,It is not that the identity of his ghost experts is not too long.。
“time up,It is pleasure to chat with you,I should go to the heaven.。”
Lyon looked at the watch,Reject Liao Wenjie strong onlookers,Despise:“You can’t get rid of you,Most provokes,Don’t want to be uploaded again,Hurry and go home to wash your sleep.。”
“Are you not the same??”
“Hahaha,joke,You can compare with me.?”
Lyon tied a suitcase,Hold the lily and turn away,Very installed:“Let them try,Who dares to go to me?,I will let people live for a lifetime。”
fgBe more dead,There is definitely no good end in the future。
Liao Wenjie thought,Still following it,Come to this world for a long time.,I have never encountered a ghost.,I must see it clear today.。
just in case,He takes out the brochure of the net heaven and earth,Put into the clothes in the clothes。
This book is demon,Self-strap gauge,Sufficient to make him self-insurance。
As for this book, where is this book?,Liao Wenjie is not clear,As if the system comes with storage space,Take it out and recovered with his will decide。
Nine floors,The hallway floating in the corridor,Between the lights,Fog is like living,From time to time hidden face、palm。
A week ago,Lao Laohai fell,After the bottom of the refrigerator,Divided on the way。
But in fact, it’s not,She and her wife were quarreled.,Son Li Mr. Li separates two people,A lost hand and Lao Mao,This leads to tragedy。
The couple don’t dare to speak,Concealing the cause of death,Lying is that it is stumbled,that’s it,A resentful ghost come to demon。
I don’t know what Li Lao is thinking.,The preferred personal object is a grandson Xiaolong,Pick up a watermelon knife to pay for the couple。
Magical operation!
Watermelon knife is about to thorns,Lyon arrived in time,A big speaker shocks a small dragon flower branch,Warehouse escapes outside。
Two people chasing a catch,LyoniyNavigation function,Pre-proportion of the hour of Li Lao,Blocking her underground machine room。
“Old man,It’s rare to come back,Why is you so hot?,Does the food are not taste??”