The reporter is arranged.,It seems that Xu Fei is a smart.……Wang traffic blinks,Heart is slightly:“Declare,I am not arrested,Just go to cooperate,Nothing to respond,I believe that the clergy is self-cleared.,Subsequent discourse。”

Reporter continues to ask。
The king is no longer answered,Several policemen did not give him a chance to continue to answer,With him quickly squeezed the crowd,Then Yang。
Qi and then then under the building,Prepare the resale floor,Just out,I was stopped by one person.。
“Qi Director,Nice to meet you。”
This person is in the suit,Looking at the people in the workplace,Half a half holiday half。
Qi and red wrinkle:“You are?”
“introduce,I am from Guangyuan Real Estate Human Resources Director Zhou Wei,The recent performance of the director of Qi is commendation in the circle,Our Xu always appreciates you.,I don’t know if I have time to go.,We have changed,Talk in detail?”
“Feel sorry,I still have a job.,Temporarily can’t take a time。”Qi repeatedly refused。
Zhou Wei’s mouth,Laugh:“Don’t reject it first,Qi Director can think about it again,I think you are more clear than me.,Boss Wang is arrested,Do you have a chance to come out again??
I have also seen the reporter outside the door.,Do you believe that from tomorrow,All media in the city will report together“Hongxing boss was arrested,Yujingwan is going to be rotated”This news?
The backfree director should be able to get,You have been exhausted in the house for two months.,At that time, the owner will ask you to retreat.,Can you feel this??
Instead of death with a fast boat,It is better to hurry up and see。”
Said to look at it,Desperate:“Director Qi is a smart person,How to choose,I believe that the director must judge clear。”
Herble and frown,Look at Zhou Wei,Flash in the eyes,Sinking for two seconds:“Ok,We change to a place。”
Zhou Wei is happy:“now it’s right,The place has been arranged.,Director Qi goes with me,This,I must let you not fake this.。”
Municipal bureau。
Otensidity brigade。
In the office,Captain Qiao Sheng is calling:“Xu total,People have already required you,Brought back。”
“very good,This time I am Xie Qiao Ge.,Go out and have a meal together,I am thinking with you.。”Then,Xu Fei has a little delightful voice.。
Joe smiled:“Eat,Thank you, you don’t have to,How big is,Why are you free?。”
“in addition,There is still something to trouble, Joyang helps.,Since people have been brought back to the bureau,Please ask Joe to help me.,What did he commit?,Strive to give him a piece of iron,Send him in and live for two years。”
“clear,I will try my best.。”Qiao Sheng should be under。
“Then I will wait for you.。”Xu Fei haha smiles。
trial room。
The king sits on the chair,I am being questioned。