“it is good吧,Big brother,我认了。”洪海良久叹了口气道:“但Yes唐缅矿区的股权全部是你的,你这一点Do not要谦让,还有明日在横冲公盘上,你赢取的算是你自己的。”

“你错了,算是珠宝加工销售公司的。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“当然,你们在外盘下赌注的,谁赢的who is it的,谁输了谁负责。”
“包括赢的的唐缅玉矿股权也属于珠宝销售公司。”林maple看了下Honghai Road。
“我也想入股,Big brother。”
“完全没问题。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“老洪,你负责统计下,关于股权的问题,我们再讨论!”
“对了,Young master,There is another thing。”At this time, the black and white hand suddenly opened the mouth.。
“whats the matter?Don’t call me young,I called my little maple in private.,Calling me in public occasion。”林枫笑着道:“This is my first command to you.。”
“是,President,不,Small……枫!”Black and white hand hesitated。
Lin Feng heard the thoughts:“Say。”
“Is such that,I am a friend in a friend.,I want to ask you。”Black and white hand contemplated:“This person is also very helpful to us.。”
“是谁?”Lin Feng heard the confusion。
“Zu Qinglong!”Black and white hand。
“Zu Qinglong!”Hong Hai heard the voice:“Actually he!”
“Zu Qinglong!”Cheetah and other people know that it is colorful.。
“It seems very famous?”Lin Feng looked at the response path of everyone。
“大哥,Zu Qinglong is the top master of Engineering Herfi name,One-hand knife works out,It is the classroom level character of the engraving world.,Many top jewels in the world ask him,Give him15%Shares,He is not willing to go out。”Hong Hai explained。
“Top carving master,sharp!”Lin Feng looked down in black and http://www.antimonopolylawyer.cn white hand:“Where is he now?”
“He is now in Myanmar,The limbs are almost paralyzed.。”Black and white hand showing bitter smile:“He used to look for a jade,The result is highly toxic,If he is refined to be high,I am afraid that I have already died.。”
“I said that he didn’t sell this for ten years.。”洪海道:“大哥,This person is worth each other.。”
“好,I’m OK,Just pick this person to pick up this person。”Lin Feng heard the words。
“Thank you!”Black and white hand look excited,There are not many of his friends.,This ancestors are one of them,I first saved his life.。
“a piece of cake,All right,What else is there??”Lin Feng asked with a smile。
“never mind。”Honghai and black and white hands have been。
“fine,I will rest first.,I can’t make a bad battle tomorrow.。”林枫笑着道,When he stands up。
“go,drink wine!”Black and white hand drinks:“I send a red envelope tonight,one http://www.yihaoled.cn person100Ten thousand。”
“God of fortune!”
Everyone he wanted a voice.,Immediately in Honghai,Black and white hand under the lead,Everyone has gone out.。