Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security: The scope of Social insurance types expands to endowment insurance

  Zhongxin Jingwei, April 27th. On the 27th, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs held a press conference in the first quarter of 2022. Gui Yan, director of the Department of Unemployment Insurance of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, pointed out that it will promote various policies for the benefit of the people and the people of unemployment insurance to land as soon as possible as soon as possible Objective.

  At the meeting, some reporters asked that in recent years, unemployment insurance has introduced many policies in supporting corporate stability and guaranteeing basic life of unemployed persons.

What measures will be taken this year and which policy dividends will be released? Gui Yan said that this year’s unemployment insurance continues to implement a series of phased, combined employment and employment policy, to further increase support and stability, skills improvement, and bottom protection. Five aspects: First, reduce the reduction rate. The policy of reducing unemployment insurance and work injury insurance rates will continue to implement another year, and the policy implementation will be implemented by April 30, 2023.

  The second is to slow down, that is, increase the intensity of slow payment of social premiums. On the basis of the three specialty industries of catering, retail, and tourism, the phased implementation of the policy of slowing unemployment insurance and work injury insurance premiums will be extended to the industry’s implementation scope to civil aviation and highway waterway transportation industry. To endowment insurance. Among them, the slow payment period of pension insurance premiums is 3 months, and the period of slow payment of unemployment insurance and work injury insurance premiums does not exceed 1 year. The third is to return, that is, improve the standard of stabilizing the job.

Continue to implement the policy of stabilizing the job of unemployment insurance, and return a certain percentage of unemployment insurance premiums for non -layoffs. The inclined support for small and medium -sized enterprises has clearly raised the proportion of return from 60%to 90%. For small and micro enterprises without public accounts, the funds can be returned directly to the account provided by their social insurance premiums provided by the local tax department. The fourth is to supplement, that is, increased vocational skills training subsidies.

On the basis of continuing to implement vocational training subsidies to collect unemployed insurance people, and continue to relax the conditions for the application of subsidies for employees to improve the application of insurance employees, the scope of the beneficiaries of the subsidy for improvement will be expanded to personnel to receive unemployment insurance.

At the same time, two new stages of policies are added to issue one -time reserved training subsidies to small and medium -sized enterprises that cannot be produced normally to the affected affected by the epidemic, allowing the balance insurance fund balance of about 4%of the unique regions with a large number of balances of the fund for Occupational skills training.

  Fifth, expansion, that is, continuing the implementation of expansion policies. On the basis of continuously doing a good job in the issuance of conventional insurance benefits such as unemployment insurance premiums, paying basic medical insurance premiums, and disposable living subsidies for unemployed migrant workers, we will continue to implement the periodic expansion policy of unemployment insurance protection. Participating unemployed people issued unemployment subsidies and issued temporary living subsidies to the unemployed migrant workers.

  Gui Yan pointed out that the next step will increase their work with the financial, taxation and other departments, strengthen guidance, optimize services, and promote various policies for the benefit of the people to benefit the people and the people of the unemployment insurance as soon as possible.

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