Laifeng County, Longshan County, Hunan: Planting the "Tree Tree" to develop together

The leaders of Laifeng County, Longshan County planted a "unity tree.

On March 12th, when the 44th tree planting festival in the country arrived, Longshan County, Hunan Province and Laifeng County, Hubei Province gathered in Longshan Integrity Plaza on the banks of the Pushui River. The launching ceremony and tree planting festival activities of the new era of civilization practice activities, together to create a demonstration zone of the new era of the new era on both sides of the water and river. All counties in Laifeng County, Longshan County, nearly 400 people in the new era of civilized practice in the new era of the two counties participated in the event.

At the launching ceremony, the new era civilization practice volunteer service brigade of the new era of the "Longfeng Peak · Civilization ‘酉’ You" in Longshan County and Laifeng County was awarded the flag. The volunteers of the two counties made a statement, and the two counties and counties made speeches at the launching ceremony.

Subsequently, the leaders of the two counties jointly touched the launching pillar on the stage to open the "Dragon and Phoenix Peer · Civilization ‘酉’ You" new era civilization practice activity. After the launching ceremony, Shi Rongfen, Secretary of the Longshan County Party Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Longshan County Party Committee, Zhou Shengyi, Agency of the County People’s Government, and Zhang Zuoming, deputy secretary of the county party committee and county chief, was planted under the co -planting of the Shi Shui River in Laifeng County, Longshan County and Laifeng County. The "unity tree".

At the scene of the tree planting activity, the two counties participated in the new era of civilized practice volunteer service team members in three or five groups, cooperated with each other, actively participated in the tree planting activities, and planted the "solidarity tree" on both sides of the Lishui River. Tacing, full of energy, shovel, raising seedlings, filling the soil, watering … everything is orderly, and it is fun. After one morning’s hard work, there were more than 500 plum blossoms in the two counties, and the new trees stood upright, showing the vigorous vitality and vitality, adding a new green to the two sides of the Water River.

Longshan Laifeng County has blended water and milk, and the same veins, the same water, and the same customs are the two most across provinces separated by the country. The Lishui River, the largest tributary of the Qi River, flows through more than 80 kilometers of two counties in Laifeng and Longshan. It is the boundary river of the two counties and the mother river of the children of Tujia in the two counties.

In 2011, the State Council approved the establishment of the Dragon and Phoenix Demonstration Zone, and the two counties of "Longfeng" broke the administrative barriers and developed a group to achieve the fruitful results of the "ten integration" construction. The title of "collective" is written in Wuling Mountain District to develop a song "Dragon and Phoenix, Flying in the Wing" region. This activity is an innovative measure for the construction of the Civilization Practice Center in the new era in an all -round way. It will build a grass -roots ideological and political work position for the two counties, promote the new style of the times, successfully create a provincial civilized county as scheduled, and jointly build the spiritual civilization of the Wuling Mountains area. The new highland provides strong spiritual power. (Hu Yu Peng Jie Huang Chao) (Responsible editor: Tang Lihan, Luo Shuai) Share more people to see the client to download.