Atrioventricular health is moving and less diarrhea

Atrioventricular health is “moving and less diarrhea”

TCM room health care believes that one of the important codes for people who are good at health care is to concentrate on less.
If you can make a reasonable move without venting or moving and less venting, you can make your life full of energy and make you look good.
Therefore, accumulating yin is very important.
  ”Medical Heart” has been cited in China’s ancient medical books: “The way of yin and yang, semen is precious, that is, can love, life can be guaranteed.
After the venting, take the female gas to make up the reconstruction.
“This sentence means that because the essence can be solidified, the solid gas can be full of God, so the most important thing for couple sex is to take the semen. If you can maintain the semen, life can last for a long time, so even if it is after the discharge,Also take the essence to make up the self, make the semen revived.
  Why do you make semen resurrect?
The ancients had proposed to adopt the “nine-yield pressure one” approach to solidify.
The so-called nine-interest is the internal breathing nine times; the so-called pressure one is that when the man feels that he will reach orgasm, he presses the back of the scrotum with his left finger, so that the essence of the sputum is restored in the body fluid, the ancients said: “take the femaleSelf-complementing refers to the method of nine shallow and one deep: couples are in a muzzle, breathing and breathing, and the yin and yang are slowly swallowed, so that the gas moves down with the will.
Straight down to the lower abdomen, can help the recovery of Yin and Yin.
This can be done three times in a row, and the law of nine shallow and one deep is to be filled with the yin of the nine hundred and eighty one.
The sputum penis is still hard to withdraw from the vagina in real time. When it is vertical but weak, it can be inserted into the vagina. This is what the ancients called “weak in and strong out.”
  Some people may ask, the average person thinks that men and women can be used to ventilate to achieve orgasm and enjoy the melody of the sign. Nowadays, when you propose to cross, you must move without venting or less ejaculation. How can you enjoy sexual desire?Happy?
The ancients believed that after the ejaculation, the body often feels tired and tired, the ear suffers from noisy squeaking, the eyes suffer from slumber, the throat is dry and dry, the whole body is tired and tired, although there is a pleasure at the time of venting, but it is ultimately due to energy loss.Feeling bad.
If you shake and move and control the ejaculation at the right time, the strength is often abundant, the body is convenient and flexible, and the eyes and ears are smart.
  Under the enlightenment of the above-mentioned theory, it led to the development of Qigong guidance such as the ancient “still fine brain”.
The proposition of “still refining the brain” in the ancient house of the family seems to be more unbelievable for modern medicine.
Modern medicine believes that it is difficult to refine the fine movements. Even if it can be returned, it may not be able to supplement the brain. Therefore, it is difficult to ask for the essence, but it is difficult to understand.
Recently, some people think that “fine movement” is the extreme of male orgasm. At this time, semen has left the testis, epididymis and vas deferens, and some have reached the ejaculatory duct. Therefore, it seems impossible to return it, but if you seize the opportunityOr can not suppress it.
Although this is reasonable, according to the experience of the ancients, it can still be adjusted and controlled. That is, when the man has the feeling of ejaculation, the penis can be lifted out, placed shallowly at the front end of the vagina, closed eyes and thoughts, and the lower jaw is pulled down.The curved ridge, the head and neck, the large nose, the shoulder contraction, the closed mouth inhalation, this can make the semen recovery.
And it can be controlled by the people to control how much, generally can be very semen only to vent 30% or two.
In fact, this kind of guiding action to control ejaculation, if properly grasped, can play a certain inhibitory role.