“I’m,What do you do?”Wright looked at each other,Curiously asked。

“Is such that,Here is a letter from you,Lancaster County from Northland Province,The signature is‘Andy·O’Connor’!”
Wright stared,It was actually a letter from my adoptive father。These years in college,He also writes a letter to his family every year,But far away,Communication is still very inconvenient。
Logically,There is no time to write letters every year!
Took the envelope from the staff,Wright turned back to the dorm,Opened the envelope,See in the envelope。
“Wright,Dad is writing to you this time to tell you a good thing。”
“It’s time for Little Tina to test her magic talent this year,She actually checked out the magic talent,Although the talent is not as good as you,But not bad。The affinity of magic elements has reached the top,Mental power is medium。Although it’s a bit difficult to go to Puang No. 1 Magic Academy,But the Blue Castle Magic Academy is still successfully admitted。In the future, our family will have two magicians。”
“correct,Little Wright, how is your life lately?Enough money to spend,Have you found a girlfriend??if there is not,Better find a magician girlfriend。。。These are your mother’s requirements,I am random,Of course it’s better to bring it back。”
“In addition,I heard that many magicians were injured or even more serious during their experience,You must pay attention to safety,Want to be strong,Fighting is inevitable。But you must grasp your own strength,Don’t play against people randomly。”
“Don’t worry about the expenses at home,I can earn 800 gold coins every year now,Completely enough for our family’s expenses。”
“All right,Write this letter here,my child,Last time you wrote to ask about your biological parents,I can only say that knowing it with your current strength just hurt you,Don’t write this in your letter in the future。Wait until your strength is enough,I will tell you naturally。”
“At last,Wright,Practice seriously,Become a powerful magician soon!Your father and mother。”
Read the letter written by the adoptive father in one breath,Wright was warm and melancholy。Playing in my hometown when I was young,The scene with my parents and sister came to mind。
Home,Father, mother and sister are all well,My sister became a magician,It makes him happy。