Spring, a date with nature

Spring, a date with nature

In the spring, you should have a date with nature to live up to the most beautiful time of the year.

The spring tour can not only enjoy the spring, but also increase your knowledge and exercise.

Bring your children and set off immediately.

  Infinite scenery at the peak: the favorite spring activity of the little mountain climbing family is mountain climbing.

Mountain climbing is available in all seasons, but Weichun is the best.

The weather is neither cold nor hot, not too much clothes, without too much equipment, you can look at the mountains and rivers with light clothes, and the fun is endless.

The mountains in spring are very different from other seasons. You can see different scenery when you climb up one layer at a time.

In some places, the grass is green, in some places, the flowers are luxuriant, and in some places, the old trees are withered . A variety of shades of green are used to draw a beautiful spring scene.

  In the spring, the little family goes to the same mountain every week.

Every time I go the scenery is different, in the process of climbing, so that little comparison.

More often, and began to express himself a little: The last came, the tree has not bud, the blossom on the matter; last time came, the grass was a little baby, now taller, becomes motherLam . Watching her daughter climbing the mountain, in addition to exercising her body, she also exercised her eyes and mouth. Mother was happy.

  When it comes to mountaineering precautions, little mothers are like several treasures: 1. Choosing the peaks with the appropriate altitude to control the difficulty and intensity is the top priority.

For about 5 years old children, the following additional elevation should be controlled.

The best spots are more mature, if carried through to the jungle, where there should be “beaten track” in.

Remember: adventure, not suitable for children!

  2, 3 precautions for dressing The number of clothing layers should be small.

Do not wear many layers of clothing to the children, the best inside and outside three layers: fleece vest + + thick coat.

When starting climbing, first unfold the jacket or put it directly in the bag. After resting or climbing to the top, always put on the jacket for your child.

  Gloves, hat essential.

There will be some thorny plants on the mountain, and when going up the mountain, whether it is the natural environment or the artificial staircase, the children often use hands and feet together, and then the gloves will work.

Gloves are best separated by five fingers, which is conducive to the flexible use of hands.

Hat is also very important to reach the top, be sure to wear a hat, otherwise Peak wind, coupled with a Rehan, very vulnerable to cold winds.

  Shoes must follow heels.

Mountaineering is one of the “feet” of work, you can wear soft leather shoes to children, knit or leather sneakers surface, preferably a semi-waist shoes foot can support an alternative, try to avoid sharp stones or low casingharm to the child’s ankle.

  3, essential equipment mountaineering: travel with children, it is best to prepare a thermal pot, to ensure that children have at any time into the hot water.

In addition, a sufficient amount of boiled water must be prepared for adults to participate.

The best drink is boiled water, because the weather is not hot in the spring and does not sweat excessively, so there is no need to add salt.

  Moisture-proof pad: When resting and staying on the mountain, whether it is sitting on a stone or on the ground, you will feel coolness invading.

Put on a moisture-proof mat and it will be much better.

  Food: Mountain climbing requires a lot of physical energy, and food supplementation is important.

Cooked meat products, bread, fruit, milk, chocolate pie, etc. are all good sources of energy.

It is better to have a sufficient quantity. Do not bring yogurt and other foods that need to be kept fresh.

  Special reminders: 1. Don’t walk away from people.

Once you feel physically weak, you should return immediately.

  2, pay attention to whether the child has allergic symptoms, spring pollen is more, should pay attention to protection.