Pitch yoga can eliminate toxins from the body

Pitch yoga can eliminate toxins from the body

“Detoxification” is one of the most popular words in stage calculation. There are many advertisements selling detox products in the market. What I want to say here is that detoxification does not necessarily require the help of health products. In fact, the normal metabolism of the body is a natural detoxification of the bodyIn the process, it is also possible to detoxify axially through a reasonable diet and perspiration by maintaining exercise. Of course, prone yoga is also a good way to physically detox. This practiced body posture can effectively stimulate the thoracic spine and promote the secretion of kidney hormones.The excess energy is released from the body, thereby eliminating toxins that are present in the body.

  Practicing Yoga: 1. Put your body on your back with your legs straight, your feet on the ground, your feet facing up, and your forehead on the ground.

  2. The elbow joints of both arms are bent, the palms are placed on both sides of the shoulders, and the palms are pressed down on the floor.

  3. Raise your feet, point your toes to the ground, and press your toes up with your hands to support your body and shoulders.

  4. Bend your elbows, lower your upper body, and bear the force of your hands and toes to squeeze the entire body forward to the maximum limit.

  5. The whole body moves back to the original position, then moves forward, moves backward, and loops back and forth for 3 minutes.