Several babies to be corrected in time

Several babies to be corrected in time

If you put it in the front when holding a newborn baby, things will go smoothly; if you often hold the baby on the right, you will have a lot of trouble.

  Children’s growth needs to pay attention to changing his bad habit: pencil biting: This habit will affect the development of children’s teeth for a long time, causing the upper incisors to protrude forward.

  Migraine: Over time, as a complication of frequent chewing, facial muscles can become broad and strong, while the other side can cause displacement and weakness.

Significant asymmetry occurs on the face, affecting the face.

  Prone: The blood circulation, bloated altitude, edema of the eyelids, restricted thorax movement, and affected respiratory function.

  Frowning, squinting, pouting: Excessive movement of facial expression muscles can cause fishtail-like wrinkles.

  Biting the lip: Increase the pressure on the tongue side of the upper front teeth and grow obliquely to the side, while the lower teeth appear overlapping squeezing, which prevents the upper and lower lips from closing.

  Nails are often bite: forming anterior protrusion of upper anterior teeth and retraction of lower anterior teeth.

Teeth are crowded.

Germs on fingernails will enter directly from the mouth, causing greater harm.