Qin Xiaomin returned to her office,He called desperately to the provincial capital,Every call she takes is excited,She seems to be really hot。

You get angry,Others are not hot,This is the most uncomfortable thing。The anger slowly subsided,Qin Xiaomin lay a little bit weak on the swivel chair,She asked Xia Jiandao weakly:“Who did you offend??”
Xia Jianyi listen,The brain is spinning rapidly。Who did he offend?No!Qin Xiaomin is definitely not Chen Jiang,The person she asked should be in the provincial capital,Because there are only senior officials in the provincial capital,To make Chen Jiang so obedient。
Xia Jian stood up,He keeps walking,But he does not have any intersection with provincial government officials,He is a little village head,How can you have this ability。
Qin Xiaomin sighed and said:“I can understand this,It’s not Zhang Yang Village’s project that people oppose,But you Xia Jian,They just want to give a great。
Suddenly,A light flashed in Xia Jian’s mind,Someone jumped out clearly from his brain,He is not someone else,Sun Yao。This time on the provincial capital,If you want to offend him,。Not to mention Hu Huiru told him,This Sun Yao is no ordinary corner in the provincial capital,He has people in both black and white。
How smart is Qin Xiaomin,He saw the clues from Xia Jian’s face,So asked coldly:“You already know who this person is?Then tell me quickly“
“All right!I think it’s meaningless,I still think of other ways!I don’t believe that Zhang Yangcun’s project will be stranded,This is impossible“Xia Jian said,Turn around and leave。
Qin Xiaomin asked him suddenly:“Is this person Sun Yao?You met him this time in the provincial capital“Qin Xiaomin yelled and ran after him。
Xia Jian, two quick steps,Open the door,So he rushed out of Qin Xiaomin’s office。But Qin Xiaomin wanted to confirm this,Actually chased it out,But how can her foot strength compare to Xia Jian。
Seeing Xia Jian’s back,Qin Xiaomin was furious。She vented all her unhappiness on the door panel of the office。There was a vibration when she closed the door,Maybe everyone in the entire office building heard it。
When Xia Jian came out of the city government,,It’s a little bit already。Actually, my belly has already started screaming,But he kept it。At this time he couldn’t help it anymore。
I saw a noodle shop on the side of the road,Xia Jian went in without lifting his head。at this time,There are a lot fewer people eating。Xia Jiangang sat down,Then a woman came over。
“Look tired,No strength at all,What kind of noodles?”The woman’s familiar voice came over。
Xia Jianmeng looked up,It turned out to be Cai Li,He smiled awkwardly and said:“Why did i come to you?Really busy”Xia Jian said nonsense。
“What do you mean,As if he didn’t want to come。Don’t worry,I won’t charge you more”Cai Li smiled,Jokingly。
Xia Jianchang sighed and said:“Let’s have a bowl of fried noodles!Put another bowl of noodle soup。Still bring me to the backyard”Xia Jian said,Stood up,Walked towards the back kitchen。He remembered,Passing through the back kitchen is an elegant and quiet courtyard,Last time he and Qin Xiaomin ate here。