“No,Just inquire。Hehe,to be frank,A little scared,Worried about being slapped。”Li Tianchou’s rare hippie smiley,I can’t see the master on the phone anyway。

“I can warn you,Don’t mess around,Don’t say i don’t know,I won’t tell you even if I know,You lie down at home honestly。”Peng Weihua solemnly refused。
Chapter Seventy Six Tied up again
For Peng Weihua’s temper,Li Tianchou is gradually adapting,Listen to the reverse,He didn’t give up a smile,“Hua brother,Too ruthless,Anyhow give a reason。Don’t tell me,You are doing me good。”
“go away,Don’t come to this set,Just don’t tell you,No reason needed。”Peng Weihua is more horizontal,Directly pinched the phone。
I grass,This unlucky master,Out of treatment,I really can’t guess,Li Tian Chou shook his head and took the phone。unnoticed,Suddenly the unsolved doubts in my mind suddenly emerged:Internet cafe event night,Is Peng Weihua intentionally following,Still accidentally ran into?It seems that the former is more likely,But why did the master refuse to reveal other creditors??Really show kindness and love for yourself?
Li Tianchou returned to the Internet cafe with his head full of questions,Customers are still sparse。Listen to Ajiu,There are fewer and fewer regular customers now,It’s been a long time since I had a customer,Don’t expect to make money in this situation。
It’s easy to lift everyone’s spirits up,Don’t let go。While everyone is here,Li Tianchou decided to hold a small meeting to discuss countermeasures。As a layman,He is only responsible for calling,Do not participate in opinions,Depp and Ah Jiu have the most ideas,But they can’t do without money,Li Tianchou listened to trouble,Can’t help but interrupt,The phone rang,It’s Hongmao’s phone。
Hongmao never shy away from answering the phone,I only heard two sentences after pressing the answer button,My face changed immediately“Make it clear,What do you mean?”
Everyone quieted down,Staring at red hair,Seeing his face is getting worse,“You fucking don’t move my brother,Money can be discussed,Hey,Hey……My horse……”Hong Mao shouted,The voice became crying,Finally dropped the phone weakly。
“what happened?Tell me,Don’t worry。”Li Tianchou heard just a few words in the conversation,Guess the red-haired brother is in trouble,Vaguely related to another group of creditors。
“My brother was arrested by them,Want me to raise money to redeem people within two days。”Hong Mao’s mood is extremely bad,The eye circles are also red。Li Tianchou gestured to everyone to leave,What should I do?。
As expected,The red-haired brother has never escaped。It seems that these people don’t need to actively look for it,He surfaced in a hurry,Li Tianchou calmed down instead,“Did you know how many people are doing??
“An old man,They just let me raise money quickly,Said he would call me again。”Hong Mao shook his head。