“I just went shopping。”

Turned out to be like this,Wang Teng thought,Jiang Ya had an accident just now。
But only now confirmed,All this is a false alarm。
But if you think about it,In fact, in Wang Teng’s heart,I feel more and more,Actually this situation,It’s very interesting。
“All right,Actually now,Since it’s okay。”
“right now,Let’s just go back and talk about it。”
Wang Teng feels,Sun Youtai’s heart,Should be very anxious。
but,Such a thing,In fact, Sun Youtai is not very good at investigating。
So next,Where should I start?,at this point,In fact, it seems very direct。
And after watching for a while,Actually put it here,Wang Teng is very direct。
“But from the current situation,What needs to be done next,Actually this,It’s very clear。”
slowly,While seeing the front,Now,Actually Wang Teng himself,I don’t feel anything at all。
at last,Met Sun Youtai,Sun Youtai felt a little shocked。
“You guys finished it so soon?”