First0229chapter Flying catastrophe

Don’t worry!You go back this time,the first thing,Immediately proceed to discuss matters related to the Bucheon-Pingdu Expressway,Second thing,Signed a cooperation agreement with Xiping Village,These two things,Are the top priority,Bring Shangfangfang when you go,Let her drive you,I’m waiting for your good news“Old Xiao blocked Xia Jian who was about to go out,Made work arrangements for him。
Xia Jian looked at the gray-haired old man,Feel a little bit sad,The note Xiao Xiao left him when he left,He remembers every exhortation above,But he didn’t follow every one。
“How about this!I asked Mr. Wang to hire a nanny for you“Xia Jian suddenly said to Old Xiao,When saying this,Actually, he feels very guilty。
Lao Xiao doesn’t know why this time,Not only did he not object,But nodded silently,This makes Xia Jian very happy。
Xia Jianyi returned to the company,Immediately held a small meeting,He asked Wang Lin to inform Jin Yimei、Dragon Ball、Engineering Manager Wang Xin、And Chen Jun(Heiwa)And development manager Chen Jia。
The meeting is short,As long as it is some work arrangements and precautions,Especially let Heiwa do a good job of security on several projects,It sounds simple,But it’s a bit difficult to do。
“President Xia,If Zhao Longlong heard that you are not in Bucheon,Sent someone to make trouble,What can I do?“Heiwa asked worriedly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“You have more than 200 security guards,Bring it together,Let them bring all the guys,Do I have to teach you the rest??“
“I understand Mr. Xia”Heiwa,Suddenly smiled。
Xia Jian’s work for everyone,Have done detailed deployment one by one,Especially the finance area,He is the most detailed,Wait a minute,Xia Jian left Wang Lin。
“You look for a nanny for Mr. Xiao,Younger,Not only do the food well,And most importantly,People need to be diligent,Pay attention to hygiene,It is best to have a certain cultural process”Xia Jian is straight to the point,Directly to Wang Lin。
Wang Lin smiled and said:“Is the requirement a bit high??”