Beware of seven big mistakes in weight loss

Beware of seven big mistakes in weight loss

One of the mistakes in weight loss: too much nutrition leads to obesity, so I have to say goodbye to the fish and eggs.

  Criticism: This is a misunderstanding.

Some people are obese, not a single nutrient accumulation, or because there is a lack of nutrients in the diet that turn adults into energy.

So how can the unfortunate in the body be transformed into energy?

This requires a lot of nutrients including vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and niacin.

The things that contain these nutrients are often the milk, peanuts, eggs and animal liver and meat that some dieters do not want to care about.

  Hurry and enjoy the fun, otherwise, even if you are vegetarian every day, the body will slowly accumulate, more and more.

  The second thing to lose weight is to lose weight for 30 minutes every day.

  Criticism: Insufficient jogging can achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, but the change from jogging is probably not your body shape, not your heart.

Practice has proved that only when the exercise time exceeds about 40 minutes, the slightness in the human body will be “mobilized” to provide energy to the human body. Through the extension of exercise time, the amount of accidental energy supply can reach up to 85% of the total consumption.

It can be seen that the exercise that is shorter than 40 minutes, regardless of the intensity, the slight consumption is not obvious, so everyone is working hard to carry the jogging to the end – more than 40 minutes!

  The third reason for losing weight: eating spicy food can lose weight.

  Criticism: Some people think that eating spicy can lose weight, so Dunton does not leave the spicy sauce red oil, and its “deep thoughts”, originally from Thailand, India and other countries rarely produce fat people, so they tend to be related to their daily spicy.

Indeed, it is easy to sweat after eating spicy food, and eating a little spicy will make people feel full, which deepens people’s belief in eating spicy weight loss.

However, have you considered it: long-term spicy will affect the function of the stomach, there is a risk of stomach pain and even bleeding.

Also, the skin that eats too much irritating food becomes rough, and some people have acne on their faces, and the better voice becomes dumb.

Eating spicy and losing weight is not a bit worth the loss?

  The fourth question of wrong weight loss: partial weight loss is twice the result with half the effort.

  Criticism: People often see exciting words such as “reducing the waist”, “reducing the hips” and “reducing the abdomen” in the advertisements. So, can weight loss be partially reduced?

The answer may be disappointing to many people.

  Experts analyzed: First, local exercise consumes little energy, is fatigue-prone, and cannot last; second, a small amount of energy is controlled by nerve and endocrine regulation, but this control is systemic, not part of it.Can reduce the aunt of this part.

  The wrong weight loss concept 5: too many people drink too much fat, so drink less water during weight loss.

  Criticism: This concept is really a big mistake. Drinking water is insufficient to cause the body to accumulate moisture as compensation. It is more likely to accumulate tertiary amines in the body. Insufficient drinking water may also cause disorder of the metabolic function of the human body, resulting in more energy absorption and less release.
Women who lose weight must not forget: water is the source of life, 70% of the human body is water!

  Sixth of the wrong weight loss concept: practice for 20 minutes, consume the ice cream that you just eat.

  Criticism: This kind of experience believes that many people will have a high-transition dessert or drink, and they will have to exercise more for a while before they feel comforted.

But if you use this exercise time as a remedy for greed, you will turn yourself into an overtraining situation.

  When your body is always in the fatigue of training, that is, the body is not comfortable with exercise, it is difficult to achieve the purpose of reducing fat, because excessive training may lead to the secretion of certain hormones in the body.

However, there is no way for greed for a while?

Of course, you can eat less in the next meal.

  The wrong weight loss concept of seven: according to fixed weight loss diets are correct.

  Criticism: This reduces the intake and controls the weight, but over time it leads to a lot of comprehensive nutrition.

Moreover, eating is a great pleasure in life. Even if you lose your slim body, what do you mean by eating food you want to eat all day?

  In fact, weight loss does not affect the appetite, you can remember the following principles: First, avoid fried foods; Second, the number of eating is mainly 3 times, do not steal snacks!

  Third, pick fresh food to eat; Fourth, throw away the ingredients that are easy to gain weight, such as salad dressing, sugar, etc.; Fifth, do not put the food that is easy to bless, put it on the cake and ice cream to eat together.

  Understand the seven major mistakes in weight loss, so that you can more effectively and accurately eliminate the extra aunt, and you are a refreshing, awkward beauty figure!