Choosing the fire, create a new classic (Xinyu · Let the sound become the strongest)

  Contemporary artists think, dusting, deep tillage, and creation, but its significance is not only new works, but also to respond to the demand for the times and the expectation of the audience. Someone asking me: You have done a lifetime drama, what do you want to do? I didn’t hesitate to answer: out of classics.

As a director, I hope that I can guide the truly classic, the classics that can be passed down, can represent the classics of an era, like the "teahouse" classic.

  Classic has the power that exceeds time and space.

The development of drama art does not leave constant interpretation and interpretation of classic works, but also need new creations in the era. Contemporary artists think, digging, farming, and creation, but its significance is not only new works, but also responding to the demand for the times and the expectations of the audience.

In the face of the new era, we have the responsibility and mission to create a contemporary classic, create a new classic recorded this era.

  What are the classic drama works now? What is a real contemporary classic? These problems have always haunted in my heart. Today, I have already taken more than 30 years, I have participated in the director of more than 90 play, there is no lack of masterpieces, but there is still no classic and handed down in my mind.

As a drama worker, in my opinion, it is hard to talk.

  Creating a new classic, need to be resolutely inherited, develop hard, bravely innovate. Inheriting the foundation of excellent tradition, combining traditional and era, forming their temperament, style and spirit. Only in this way can they be paid to the fire, and the development of drama is actively promoted.

In the creation, creators should not pay too much attention to whether the work can win, whether there is a high box office, can be favored by experts, but should focus on the true quality and life value of the work.

The literary, ideological and artistic work of the work should be surpassed in the era, and the direction of time and space is made to make it love only to be loved by the audience, but a love of a lifetime, or even a few generations

So can truly solve the drama creation has a high place without peaks, there is a problem with good classics, less handed down. The classic is not holding, not the award comment, nor is it possible to rely on a good box office, and only the audience and time can make a real assessment. Reflecting the weather, the people of the songs, representing the test of the classic works of the art, will date the time, will have a long-term vitality. Today, the drama needs classic, the times calls the classics, the drama will be able to create a classic, create a new classic of truly reflecting the times, I am convinced of this. I firmly believe that our generations have worked hard, put the enthusiasm into the inheritance and development of drama art, will not insult the mission, create a deep, connotation, and new intentions.

  If someone asks me: What do you want to see? My answer is: new classic.

  (The author is the executive of the Dean of the People’s Art Theater, this reporter Cao Xuezen interviews) (Editor: Zhao Chunxiao, Li Wei) Sharing let more people see.