“Humph!”at this time,Chief Mao Yongfei, who was standing behind the two women, snorted heavily from his nose,Staring at Morgan with a warlike look·Rod。

The Burmese Guards is an elite force trained by him, braving Yongfei,I don’t know how much resources were consumed in Jingshen Valley,It is also one of his greatest contributions to boss Lu,How could you give it to others?Don’t even think about it。
As the eighth-order mutant at the peak of Gang Jin,Mao Yongfei claimed the first strength in the guards,Except for Mr. Lu,He refuses to accept anyone,Not to mention the careless American on the other side。
He doesn’t know what the rankings are,I heard that he was ranked out of dozens of people,Lao Mao just smiled,Because he knows,Before I actually did it,No one is unambiguous with my own pair of iron fists,Even those in the top ten,He dare to fight。
Because he didn’t believe it at all,I admire the boss Lu,Actually ranked tenth in the world,This ranking is too nonsense,So I don’t care about it at all。
“You are not convinced?”Morgan·Rod chuckled,Shrugged,Asked quite chicly。
Mao Yongfei glanced at Jin Soyan and Su Xuehen,He hesitated,These two beautiful women,They are all Boss Lu’s women,If I fight in this place,,In case the aftermath hurts them,Then it’s a crime。
“You are the commander of the Guards, Mao Yongfei!You are just a small character outside of the 20th,Not qualified to challenge me,Unless your great sage Lu Menglin is coming!”
“of course,He shouldn’t be able to come back!I heard that he was buried under the sea with Fan, the master of the Oriental Kingdom!what a pity!If there is another top ten master in my guard,That would be perfect。”Morgan·Lord smiled and sighed。
Chapter 835 Hard shake
For a time,The whole meeting room is silent,Morgan·Lord Lord’s words have been released,But no one can catch this conversation。
Senator Lynn represents the U.S. government,Of course he stands firmly on Morgan·Rod’s side。
The Prime Minister of the Oriental Kingdom,Choose to put his head on his head at this time,Looking down at my toes,Dare not speak at all。
He will be in a good mood,It’s not your own pot anyway。
According to the current situation of Toyogo,Actually choose to cooperate with Myanmar,Is the right choice。Just no way,The Americans jumped out and spoiled,And the purpose of others is not the benefit of the Oriental country at all,But to forcibly incorporate the Burmese Guards。
This time,The Prime Minister can only choose to watch from the sidelines,Dare to speak too much。
At this moment,Only the General Wu from the Chinese military can speak,Him and morgan·Like Lord,Members of the Earth Alliance,The level is almost the same,It’s just that the other party has one more status as the top five global powerhouse,This made General Wu feel a little embarrassed。
He knew that the Guards were Lu Menglin’s men,I should speak for him,But at Morgan·In front of Lord,He still inevitably feels weak,If people are really playing,Say no to him,It won’t give him face。