How do you eat strawberries?

How do you eat strawberries?

Recently, the Jiangping Kaiping Public Security Bureau of Guangdong Province reported that the bureau cooperated with the Kaiping City Agriculture Bureau, the Safety Supervision Bureau and other relevant departments to jointly enforce the law, investigate and deal with two strawberry plantations on the spot, and destroyed about 400 kilograms of “poisonous strawberries” containing pesticide residues exceeding the standard.

This also makes the people who like to eat strawberries very worried. If you want to eat the strawberries in the season safely, the cleaning work is very important.

Eat the strawberry safely and wash it again.

Rinse with running water for a few minutes, so that most of the bacteria, pesticides and other impurities on the surface of the strawberry can be removed.

It should be noted that do not immerse in the water first, so as to prevent the pesticide from being dissolved in the water and then absorbed by the strawberry and infiltrated into the fruit.


Wash the strawberries and don’t eat them right away. It is best to soak them in light salt water or rice water for 5 minutes (light salt water can kill harmful microbes on the surface of the strawberries; rice water is alkaline, which can promote the degradation of acidic pesticides).

Then use running tap water to flush the rice water and the light salt water and the harmful substances that may remain.


Rinse with clean water (or cold water) to eat.

  Health reminds that winter is a good season to eat strawberries, you should pay attention to the correct shampoo of strawberries when eating strawberries.

When washing strawberries, be careful not to remove the strawberry stalks, so as to prevent pesticides and impurities from infiltrating into the fruit through the “creep” during the soaking process, which will cause more serious pollution.

Also, do not soak the strawberries with detergents such as detergents. These substances are difficult to clean.