China (Heilongjiang) Trade Zone investment promotion will be held in Shanghai

On the 4th, China (Heilongjiang) Free Trade Test Zone Investment Promotion and Investment Potential Development Report was held in Shanghai.

Provincial Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice Governor Wang Yongkang attended and speaking.

Wang Yongkang, pointed out that relying on Longjiang’s good resource endowment, unique development conditions, huge development potential, China (Heilongjiang) free trade test area is showing rapid development, new signing project number, investment amount, new enterprise number In steady growth, it has become an important engine that drives Longjiang’s economic development, providing entrepreneurs with a broad stage and new business opportunities for investment development. Wang Yongkang emphasized that Heilongjiang Safe Trade District is becoming the "bridge", advantageous and characteristic industries of Russian opening and Northeast Asia, the "gathering", system innovation and optimization business environment, not only for foreign economic and trade cooperation opportunities Very much, investment and development is very potential, and more business, business, and lovers are more concentrated.

It has produced more than 200 institutional innovation results, and the promotional environment of genuine gold and silver, which attracted a large number of enterprises and projects. Wang Yongkang said that the green water Qingshan is the north, investing in Heilongjiang! Longjiang is both heavy investment, heavier, we will do our best to do a good job of entrepreneurs.

I sincerely hope that more entrepreneurs have seized the new opportunities to accelerate the development of the Longjiang Safe, further enhance the firm confidence of "Investment Best Hill Customs", to Longjiang Investigation, Investment, Cooperation, and Common Write a New Chapter of Cooperation Development! (Reporter Zhou Jing) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see client downloads.