The rules of health rest after the carnival

The rules of health rest after the carnival

The first rule is the first aid for tiredness. The skin must be tired and tense for a long time without a good idea. At this time, the most needed thing is to quickly soothe and moisturize the skin.

People who are extremely hungry ca n’t rush to eat. They should drink some soup and water first. When the skin is not good, the first thing to do is to clean up the old makeup, let the skin breathe, and add enough water.

Even if time is tight, the time to apply a hydrating mask should always be there.

Imagine that the face after applying the moisturizing mask will be like a leaf full of water. It is translucent and shiny, and because it can be stretched, it also smoothes out dry lines and fine lines. You will be busy with excuses and let your face be tired.?

  Warm reminder: The mask has the characteristics of airtightness, which can make the skin easily absorb and absorb moisture and nutrients, and it can obviously improve the skin condition in a short time.

In addition, products that have soothing effects and make the skin rosy are also the best products to soothe weak skin. Its function is like taking a hot bath, relaxing, decompressing, and promoting blood circulation. It can basically relieve skin dryness, tension, and dullness.Condition.

  Rule two: Adjust your eating habits. The big meal is transformed. After Christmas, you should control your diet to avoid hoarding your aunt.

  Early morning, late night and thrift — Arrange the big meal at noon to avoid aunts accumulating due to eating too much when sitting at rest in the evening.

  Eat less and eat more — On days when there is no party, stick to eat less and eat more than one meal.

Do not eat sharply during drought, because eating when very obese, fast eating will increase the enzyme activity in the digestive system and promote unfortunate synthesis.

  Drink plenty of water-Don’t forget to drink plenty of water during the holidays. This is the easiest and cheapest way to lose weight.

Data show that drinking 8 to 12 glasses of water a day can reduce weight by 500 grams per week.

Also remind you to drink a glass of boiling water before meals to make your stomach feel satisfied, and you will naturally eat less if you feel full in your stomach!

  Chew slowly-eating slowly can reduce appetite and make you feel full.

Especially when you are having a big meal, you can’t gobble up in front of the table full of delicious food.

Chewing slowly will prevent you from gaining weight and will make you look more elegant on the dining table.

  Eat more snacks-choose good snacks to completely eliminate the problem of gluttony, and it will affect appetite and food digestion and absorption.

During the holiday season, there are always many snacks. Wherever you go, there are snacks. The key is to choose the most suitable for weight loss, such as fruits, nuts, pine nuts, citrus plums, hawthorn and so on.

  Tips: 1 cup of skim milk for breakfast and 1/2 bowl of fresh oatmeal.

Skimmed milk contains the same vitamin B6 as fresh milk, which has a regulating effect on muscles and nerves, so eating more can alleviate muscle fatigue, while skim milk contains not high content (90Kcal) per cup.

  1 bowl of sticky rice for lunch, 1 bowl of fried chicken fillet with celery.

Rice is rich in vitamin B1, which is a good energy supplement.

Coarse rice contains more than four times as much vitamin as white rice, so you can grind rice instead of white rice on particularly tired days, and two bowls a day is enough.

  1 steak for dinner, 1 sweet potato, 1 bowl of chicken salad.

Vitamin B12 can help speed up the recovery of energy. Generally, meat contains vitamin B12. The beef content is the highest, and one beef steak is enough for one day.

  Rule Three Hot Baths Boost Your Spirit When your face and body skin are in a state of fatigue, taking a bath with essential oils can quickly relieve symptoms.

The method is: inject hot water with moderate temperature in the bathtub, add about 6 drops of essential oil before entering the bathtub, stir until the essential oil spreads evenly, and bathe for about 15?
20 minutes.

Bath salts can remove odor, have the effect of disinfection and sterilization, and can reduce pain.

The chrysanthemums cleared the fire and made Lawton’s feet cool.

The medicine contains vegetable oils to moisturize the skin without causing any allergies.

Sea salt softens skin and relaxes muscles.

Ginkgo biloba or beech bud bud essence oil can promote blood circulation, accelerate cell metabolism, help resist free radicals and reduce skin pressure.

Honeysuckle and licorice can disinfect and itch, and pure natural plant petals let you get in touch with nature and reshape your soul.

  Tips: shower or bath depends on your time.

If you take a bath, the water temperature should not be too high, and the time should not be too long. Choosing some bath products containing orange flavor is the best way to boost your spirit.

If it is a spray, tell you a little recipe to eliminate muscle soreness. Put a towel on your shoulders, use a tolerable heat, and wash your shoulders with a shower head and water column, 10 minutes each time, more than three times a week.

  The principle of four-sleep healthy Qi sleep is the key to eliminating fatigue and recovering physical strength. After Christmas, should it be guaranteed 8?9 hours of sleep puts the body in a completely relaxed state.

In addition, falling asleep is not the same as falling asleep, and the sleeping position has a great impact on the quality of sleep.
  There are many sleeping positions. Some people like to sleep on their backs, some people like to sleep on their backs, and some people like to sleep on their side. Which one is better?

Sleeping on your back and lying on your back are basically the same, because your body and legs are stretched straight, so your muscles cannot relax completely.

When sleeping on your back, it’s okay to put your hands next to your body. If you put them on your chest, it will compress the heart and lungs, causing breathing problems and dreaminess.

When you fall asleep, your face cannot be buried in the pillow, and it will be turned sideways. This way, your head and neck are twisted, which is both difficult and sad, and your chest and abdomen will be oppressed and very uncomfortable.Obvious sleeping position.

  What about side sleep?

It is definitely sleeping vertically or sleeping on the right side. The spine always bends slightly forward and tilts forward vertically. The legs are bent and the arms are placed freely, so the muscles of the whole body can achieve relaxation.

In addition, it is better to sleep to the right than to the left, because it can avoid pressing the heart, and it can also help the food in the stomach move to the duodenum, so this is an ideal sleeping position.

  Tips: Sleep is an important means to eliminate post-holiday fatigue, but don’t think that covering your head with a dozen or more hours of sleep can completely eliminate fatigue. Doing so may be counterproductive.

Because everyone’s sleep is controlled by their own biological clock, if the biological clock is disrupted, they may even seem to sleep a lot, but they will actually feel more tired.

Therefore, it is best to fall asleep one or two hours a day in the past few days at work, insist on getting up at the same time the next morning, and gradually adjust your biological clock.