5 home colors can reduce workplace stress

5 home colors can reduce workplace stress

Yellow: belongs to warm colors, giving a warm feeling, this color is suitable for those who have a monotonous life to make home colors.

  Green: Can relieve visual fatigue, make people feel calm and stable.

Those who are easy to worry can add more green to their home to ease their anxiety.

  Blue: People are quiet and easily think of the sea.

Suitable for people who are monotonous in thinking, they can let them have reverie and divergent thinking.

  Lavender: Quiet, mature and intellectual.

Suitable for mature women’s bedroom home decoration, also helps sleep.

  Orange: It is a favorite of young people who pursue fashion.

It’s energizing, and life feels energetic.

  Of course, the color of the home should not be too much, and the main color should not exceed three, otherwise it will make people more irritable.