Guo Wei just saw Chu Deirers,How is it willing to give it?,I quickly catch up and shout.:“Chu Tai、Chu Lee,You wait……”

But the Chu Deiren is not back.,Although Guo Wei is a master,But where is it chase??
Instead,Mischief、Against the wrong,Fell,When I climbed up, I saw the mud.,Can’t help but some discouragement。
Chu Deirers on Mingyu Table,After seeing her so unclear,Dark application law、Return back:“What are you chasing??”
“what!”Guo Weijou,Almost fall back。
Seeing that the Chu Deiren came back,So smiled:“I am listening to Chu Tai Your Heroes Legend.,So I will take a look at the people of Mu Wangfu.……”
“kindness,I really have a lot of heroes.。”Chu Deirers said something nodded.。
“So before you are in the pub,Are you giving birth to my big sister??”
Chu Deman:……
“Don’t go to your heart,My big sister is just talking.,Nothing is bad!”
Chu Deman:……
“Those rumors,Yes you compiled、Still your hand?”
Chu Deman:……
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 899 Chu Tai Year Observer
Guo Fu discovered Guo Wei missing in the evening,When you are anxious,Chu Deirens brought Guo Gui to the inn。
“Two sisters!What’s wrong with you?Who are you??Let go of my sister!”Guo Fuyi saw Guo Wei’s body is mud,Very wolf,Look at it next to it, still standing in the day.,Suddenly fry the hair。
Chu Dee people dark over white:“Do I catch??”Finished directly on the house in the Lougu’s room.,More early than these three sisters。
Guo Fu still wants to say anything,But by Guo Wei:“Good big sister!I just accidentally fell.,He sent me back.。”
Guo Wei knows Chu to hide your identity,So don’t say more。
“I haven’t asked you yet.,Where have you been?Why is it still in a night??”Guo Fu see,Guo Wei。
“People are just curious.”
“Sure enough, you have to find the people of Mu Wangfu?Didn’t be taken away by Chu,You are really walking!”Guo Fu is scared。
Chu Deman:
Chu Deirers don’t listen to the three sisters of the three sisters to their own,Instead, it analyzes Wei Xiaobao to fall into his own.。
Determine it is Wei Xiaobao,The Chu Deiren has relieved, after all, this is said.,That is because of Anthony,Hate yourself。
Other interest entanglements are not big,And Wei Xiaobao has an urgency,But it is only mediated between the trend。
Means of,He framed himself,Just prove that he and the Chu Dee have hatred,So-called“conspiracy”More than half will not have any post。
If it is an old monkey or other plan?,That Chu Deirers can take a few more。