With the fastest in the brain,A“Dafa”Later,Among the court,Have played。
Shangguan Haishu is so vomiting blood——Fart《Dafa》,This person is masked,But isn’t a righteous thing??
And you know《Dafa》and《Plastic star Dafa》Difference??
Thanks to the passers-by unwilling to reveal,And a rivers and lake group,Tireless spread——Iron gamma《Dafa》、This is not a confidential thing.,It has been well known in the rivers and lakes.。
Now Zhong Zi’s noisy noisy,Really really effective,But just at this time,Roof this person,Blocking the face of the scarf falls directly,I saw it is a gray、Full face,Face, pale, a dead man!
At first glance,Obviously Zhao Tie,But……Personally recognize his people,Also don’t。
Until the Tong Bear:“Let me?What do you want to do?”Everyone learned the identity of this person.!
Although it is no four years without the rivers and lakes,Recognizing that there are not many people,But let me have this name,Can still be unknown、No one knows。
I don’t answer me.,Instead, continue to absorb the internal force!
Empty、Empty two people,Have the roof,The empty, the Zen stick,Air is a hands clavised,Come to the past。
I saw that I was laughing at me.,While using a party to sweep the medheres,The empty smell quickly received eight points,Not only empty smell,And let me have a truth,The party is not well received by the medheres.!
Then I came back again.,Going to a blanking dragon claw hand,One time air is also bundled。
Let me take the party directly as a weapon.,Silk love、Void……
It seems normal and different,Let me, at this time, it is obvious that madness is more serious.,Double eyes light red light,See who is murderous,I don’t know why it will come here.。
At this time, I and Duan Yu.,At this time, I saw the move to let me.,I can’t help but go in my heart.!
Then I wizardly moved the moving lips.,At the same time, I only see it.,Null、Empty is at this time, I don’t dare to go forward.。
Let me drink a big drink,Slaid,掼 大 大 大 一……
“what!Duan Wangye……”The empty voice is quickly rescued。
He when he sounds,Duan Zhengqi has been shot、Otherwise, it will not be reacted.。
Dali Duan is on the rivers and lakes,Su to live in the right way,Not to mention the generation of the generation,Naturally, I won’t look at the party to fall in front of myself.。
It’s just that the Duan Zheng is connected.,Even after the back of Baltia Stone and Huachu,After luck, behind him,The result is the same、Three people have hit the past、……
But there is this buffer,Foldard is on the ground,Although listening to the sound is broken,But finally not hurt life。
However, after the line is in the next reputation,Slightly slow,It is already as follows,At this time, it is not the other party.,Instead, kill the section!
“Wang Ye is careful!”Huajui and Barttian Stone have just been rushing to have not returned。
Not waiting for Li Qinglu to exclaim,Let me have a palm of the way.……
Duan Zhengyu watched,Let me printed in my own chest,The mind is already in your life,Twenty ten face,Flash one by one before the eyes,Some is the red known、Some ends overnight、Some forget the rivers and lakes……
“father!”Duan Yu’s heart is a chaotic。
However,Duan Zhengqi feels that he is lightly fluttering,Let’s take a palm,Playing in the chest is qi and blood,But……No imaginary five organs?