have to say,Taiwanese brothers are still very miserable,MSIPlay now,The current record is2–6,Cooperable。

so,FWFacing this game,Attitude is very optimistic。In the official push,They are a destination and loss, do not accept the scene。
Focus highlighting a loser does not array,It looks very programs,Let people can’t help but。
This posture,It is easy to make people feelIGEven if you don’t care seriously,Can also make them press them on the ground easily。
But in fact,IGEveryone in the team is very clear。
Treat this opponent,They should be more in mind,Because this opponent is nothing to lose.。
In this early period,They can hit the inconvenience,It is also easy to explode, far exceeding the strength of its usual state。
so,Even outside the audience,At this time, you are ridiculed with a hip hip.FW。
butIGInner,But there is no relaxation to this game.。
Five p.m,IGThe first list of this day of this day was released.。
Didn’t let the audience are disappointed,Topping http://www.ffgdkj.cn above,That familiarIGThe lineup is back.。
Play wild:ng。
eight pm,Vietnam Hanoi National Conference Center。
Picture of the game scene,Through the camera, it is passed to each audience in front of the screen.。
And the sound of the comments,Also passed through the microphone,Passing in the ear of the audience。
“Every audience friends are good evening.,Welcome backMSIThe last day of the groupIGContrastFWGame stage,I am coming to the doll。”
“I am Miller。”
Both people introduce themselves,The doll replaced a voice of sigh.。
“IGNewly recent game,It can be said that it is very ups and downs.。Ok, it is today,qgReturned,That we are familiar withIGAlso come back。”
Doll nodded,Plight:“Yes,even thoughqgThere is no big problem in http://www.hexiangly.cn actually,But everyone is still not exempting for him, sweating.。”
“Um,But all this has passed,Now we only need to watchIGThis can enjoy the game.。”
at last,If you are familiar, you will be re-learned again.:“Now,Let us officially enter the gameBPStage in the stage。”
This choice,IGCome to the blue side,FWCome to the red side。
then,IGnumber oneban,Directly is sent to the excavatorbanPool。
This version of the excavator doesn’t have to say more,Basically in most cases,Be a non-banMandatory presence。
PlusFWIn the only two games in the only one win,It is also the two excavators to win.,So at this momentIG,Naturally, nobanReasons。
FWnumber oneban,Directly sent Jess tobanPool。
A very routine handbanpeople,All at this timeFW,In summarizing the last oneIGAfter the lesson of hand,Still learned something。
http://www.fangxiandani.cn These things,It is basically necessary Jess.banOne of the heroes。
Can even say something,DirectlybanThe highest priority has not been tasted。
IGSecondban,Give GariobanThis pool。
This hero,In fact, in this version, it has always been the evergreen tree on the field.,Thanks to his skill mechanism。
As long as the Gario itself does not be cut,Then there is basically no possibility of retreat from the evergreen trees from the professional stadium.。
so,existFWThe order is not bad in the premise of using Gario.,IGSince the first hand is not intended to choose him,Then you will naturally choose tobanLose。
otherwise,White sent a Gario to the end of the roadFW?